– By Soumi Dutta

I try to find excuses to talk to you.
I ask silly questions.
At least you could understand that I had retracted into my shell.
Another theft from you,
And then I wake up in the middle of the night
To learn that you think I have bad manners.
I know I am not good enough,
But I have the habit of saying
“Good morning” at least.
And now I am awake,
Six hours till I see you again.
Words are powerful
And you say you are not like me.
You ask if I am okay,
I say I am.
You have mood swings.
What have I stolen from you now?
Plan your trip.
In my dream, I am coming on to you.

About the Author:

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Soumi had started her career as an HR Recruiter. At present, she is pursuing Master’s Degree in Psychology, while working as a Content Writer. Passionate about music, she is an occasional singer herself. Her literary works have been published in several web and little magazines. A collection of her Bengali poems was published in 2009, followed by A PEN IN THE MARSHES (2016), her first tryst with fiction. THIS LOVE OF MINE is the first collection of her English poems.


Sushmita firmly believes in her motto “Write like no one else will ever read you” and encourages the same to everyone.

Aspiring to create something brilliant and a prominent work of literature in the near future, she prioritises moulding style and emotions into words, at the same time, exalting thoughts and feelings above expressions.

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