– By Soumi Dutta

I try to find excuses to talk to you.
I ask silly questions.
At least you could understand that I had retracted into my shell.
Another theft from you,
And then I wake up in the middle of the night
To learn that you think I have bad manners.
I know I am not good enough,
But I have the habit of saying
“Good morning” at least.
And now I am awake,
Six hours till I see you again.
Words are powerful
And you say you are not like me.
You ask if I am okay,
I say I am.
You have mood swings.
What have I stolen from you now?
Plan your trip.
In my dream, I am coming on to you.

About the Author:

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Soumi had started her career as an HR Recruiter. At present, she is pursuing Master’s Degree in Psychology, while working as a Content Writer. Passionate about music, she is an occasional singer herself. Her literary works have been published in several web and little magazines. A collection of her Bengali poems was published in 2009, followed by A PEN IN THE MARSHES (2016), her first tryst with fiction. THIS LOVE OF MINE is the first collection of her English poems.


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