Let The Human Bird Fly


– By Sitharaam Jayakumar

Oh little bird! Tell me your secret:
Where did you learn to build your nest?
Who taught you to find a mate?
And lay eggs and raise your young ones?

You do not have any expectations
From your young and pretty ones.
You cherish and nourish them all day
So that they can leave your nest and fly away.

You hunt early in the morning for food
To put into the mouths of your brood.
You make your nest strong and sound
So that your young ones can stay safe.

Oh little bird! You do not want anything.
You give everything and take nothing;
You make your young ones independent.
Oh little bird! You are truly great!

Oh human! One day your young ones
Will also fly away from your nest
To chase their dreams and destiny,
Maybe to far off lands full of promises and beauty.

Oh human! Take a leaf out of the bird’s book,
Let your young ones fly far away
Breaking the shackles of bondage
For your love and affection.

Oh human! Do not let sorrow overcome you
When your young ones take leave from you.
Let them go where they want to go,
Where they can find their true greatness.

The human bird also needs to fly,
And let the spirit of freedom soar high,
And discover the joys of being oneself,
And find the true temper of the bird within.

About the author-

Someknow it from the very beginning, for others this discovery is no less than an amusing surprise. Sitharaam Jayakumar, IT professional for past 27 years, happened to discover his unpremeditated zeal during a lazy weekend after penning his first ever poem for his darling daughter. It was just the beginning.


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