The Voice of Nature


– By Moorthy A.

Are you listening
The voice of Nature?
It’s not only for human beings
But for all living creatures;
She is crying, but we all are quite;
We keep on hurting her, whereas, she
Leads the lustre into the world.
She is divine- The Goddess!
But aren’t we taking her as a maid?
Even a servant gets an off on the last day– but Nature serves endless.
Human has a limit for patience –but Nature prevails limitless.
Eventually even such infinite endurance comes to an end;
So, people treasure her dearly.
Are you listening
The voice of Nature?

About the author:

MoorthyA. is certainly a man of a man who isn’t able to disclose his statement regarding infinite words swirling inside his head. He believes that words cannot control him, rather he attempts to master his words under his control.


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