– By Niharika Sah

Moments now feel too unkind
Knowing you were never mine.
How come heart accept deny
That held you unquestioned, and why?
Time favours not but torments.
Oh! Tired I am in laments:
Whether to rush in or go slow,
Living with or rather blow.

Breathing now feels forced upon,
Waiting while you’re moving on.
How come eyes rest with dirt
From reasoning that hurts, and why?
Love labours not but lowers.
Oh! Lost I am in choices:
Of ways to rise in defence,
Grieving close to self-pretence.

Reasons now are unworthy,
Hoping to forever pause.
How come thoughts bear resistance
That shaped to your surprise, and why?
Soul ruptures not but lingers.
Oh! Dead I am by applause:
Be shamed or be rejoiced,
Being fatal to silent voice.

About the author:

Niharika Sah has completed her B. A. English honours from Bhawanipur Gujarati Education Society, and P. G. Diploma in Book Publishing from Calcutta University. She is presently working as a copyeditor at SAGE Publications, Dehradun. She loves the power of words in any form, be it written, verbal, spoken or visual, and hence aspires to be an author someday. Her hobbies are listening to music, having conversations, meeting new people and watching movies.


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