Pearl of That Shell


-By Tanuja Mehta

I may be the shiny stone,
Still live deep down all alone.
I may be preciously owned,
But don’t have any value for my soul.

I be like the Shepherdess sheep,
Dreams of whom are churned far deep.
Sometimes I feel like a raging storm
Caged in a corked bottle,
Eager to shatter its walls
And ready to battle.

I am having the senseless fears;
Smiles tricking the ignorant tears.
Freedom flashing off my shine;
Even feelings have lost all its senses.
Meaning of my unspoken words
just made another turn.

I think I am the untouched muse;
Ink of that useless pot which is never used.
I have lost the shine of my face
Which is kept now in a wooden case
Making my own shell fade,
But still I will be the pearl of that shell.

About the author:

Tanuja Mehta is someone who believes that writing is a way of portraying the depth of oneself. She quotes, “Pen and paper are your best friends with whom you can speak your heart out; in return they won’t judge you, rather encourage you to move ahead.”


Sushmita firmly believes in her motto “Write like no one else will ever read you” and encourages the same to everyone.

Aspiring to create something brilliant and a prominent work of literature in the near future, she prioritises moulding style and emotions into words, at the same time, exalting thoughts and feelings above expressions.

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