Top 10 Checklist for Outbound Sales Campaigns



Running a business requires a good sales team. If you cannot sell your products and services, you cannot expect your business to grow. In order to achieve the target that you have set for your brand, you need to research well and reach out to those people who are interested in availing your services.

There was a time when cold calling and cold emails were good enough to bring in leads. However, they are not very impactful today. No wonder Jeb Blount had tweeted, “front load your day with impact or it will never happen!” To bring in the impact and the ultimate impression that will bring in leads to your company, outbound sales have gained tremendous importance over the years.

Today, companies spend equally if not more on outbound sales compared to inbound sales. Thus, strategizing the campaign becomes essential. Only after thorough research and analysis can companies invest in outbound sales.      If you are on the lookout for the tactics that will help you curate a successful outbound sales campaign, you need to keep this checklist in mind.


  1. Planning: The first step towards a successful outbound sales campaign is right planning. Usually, people are confused because they don’t know when to set sail on an outbound sales campaign. If you have enough revenue and you are satisfied, you can stick to inbound marketing. However, inbound marketing may not always ensure the steady growth of your company. The growth of your business is your priority and, thus, combining both inbound and outbound marketing strategies will give you excellent results. Set a target number for the leads that you would like to fetch on a regular basis. Choose or hire the right employees for the task of an outbound sales campaign. When you have done so, you need to take a look at the current market trend.
  2. Target Segmentation: Once you are ready with the sales target, you need to know how to play the game in the market. According to Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft, outbound sales campaign should be started immediately. You need to make a list of the top brands or companies that you would like to work with. Once you do so, you have to pitch your products and services to them; in fact, just pitching won’t be enough. You need to ensure that they take an interest, and, thus, planning out the campaign thoroughly is mandatory. Know your target audience so that you can convert the prospective leads into successful business opportunities.
  3. Valid Email List: Sending out cold emails is no more a fancy today. Targeting the prospective leads is the key. When you take up outbound sales campaign, email marketing plays a vital role. It is the official way in which you can pitch your products and services to those people who might be interested. However, before you start sending your emails out, you need to collect valid email ids. If you do not have a valid email list, your plan fails from the very beginning. For sending out bulk emails and keeping track of the progress, using sales CRM software is an intelligent decision. In case you are still wondering if you should let the sales CRM software give you a technological boost, take a look at the infographic below.

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  1. Campaign Setup: Once you have a valid email list ready with you, you can start preparing for the campaign setup. The best way to do so is through advertisements. You need to build an audience and show them your skill set for free. Once they have implanted their trust in your expertise, you will be able to send out email invites asking them to avail your services by paying the required amount. As the audience is already aware of your excellence in terms of products and services, they will be willing to try out what you have in store for them. And, if you don’t believe this can be effective, check out how Jason Brubaker had raised $ 171,968 through his campaign on Kickstarter.
  2. Email Content – Text, Images & Videos: John Katsabanis points out in his tutorial that you get just 3 seconds to grab the attention of your intended audience. Whether your business grows or not depends a lot on your advertising skills. When you are writing an email to pitch the products and services that you offer, you need to be crisp and comprehensible. Fancy images with no valid content won’t be of much use. You have to explain your point in a simple language and support the same with graphics and videos. If you do have a target audience and you are not using the sales CRM software, you can structure your email to be sent to individual leads by probing on their requirements. If you can point out how can benefit by collaborating with your company and show them their position in the long run with the help of videos and statistical infographics, you can surely nail it.
  3. Email Subject Headlines: You already know that you have just 3 seconds to wave your magic wand. Thus, you have to cast the right spell on your very first attempt. If you send out cold emails without taking a look at the business, the chances of making an impact are negligible. In order to grab the attention of the reader, you have to write a crisp and catch email subject. The subject should refer to what you are specifically willing to offer to the brand. For doing so, find out how the brand can improve with the help of your products and services and, then, write a delightful pitch. If you are not specific, the reader would not know why you should be interested in their business and your email would end up in the spam box.
  4. Responsive Test: Once you are ready with your outbound sales campaign, you need to find out if that will be effective. This does require a good amount of investment if you are doing it on a large scale using sales CRM software. However, if you don’t want to spend too much money on testing, asking out professionals and contacts from the target audience is a boost. Their feedback will help you understand if your advertisement is convincing. If you need to implement certain modifications, you will be able to do so as well. It is better to do so before launching the campaign and seeing it fail. Hence, responsive test plays a vital role in an outbound sales campaign.
  5. Drip Campaign Setup: When you decide to change course and concentrate on outbound sales campaign, using sales CRM software is a must. Out of much such software that you can purchase, Drip is the most preferred one. Drip is integrated with leading e-commerce, membership, payment processing, digital advertising, marketing automation, CRM, webinar, video and other requirements. When you can access WooCommerce, Shopify, Facebook Lead Ads, Kickbox and others under one roof, that is, Drip, using this sales CRM software can prove to be beneficial for the growth of your business. Moreover, Drip is affordable even if you run a small-case business. You can take full advantage of the software because you will be able to view the campaigns and track responsiveness. You can schedule appointments and add notes as per your convenience at the same time. And, all these services starting at $49 per month is a good deal as your time and effort will be saved for further business strategy execution. According to a report generated by SharpSpring, the Marketing Automation Software industry in the US is on the rise. This industry has already touched the $3.3B mark in 2017 and is growing at a rapid pace of 30% every year. Thus, with this technology dominating the marketing strategies, you need to upgrade and be tech-savvy for the growth of your business.

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  1. Reports: Tracking your progress and analyzing if your strategy is working out is crucial. When it comes to outbound sales campaigns, the intended audience has a huge number of participants. Therefore, keeping track of your progress regularly has to be done using sales CRM software. An integrated automatic marketing solution will generate graphical results to help you track your status. The number of leads that you have generated on a particular day or the number of leads you still need to generate to fulfil your target will be shown to you by the software. Therefore, you will know when and how to pull up your socks and get your business rolling smoothly.

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  1. A/B Test – Repeat: For generating outbound sales campaigns, you need to try out various strategies. However, how do you understand which particular strategy will work the best for you? Using the A/B test repeatedly, you can figure out which idea to impose for the growth of your business. In an A/B test, you need to select 2 strategies – plan A and plan B. Let them run for at least 7 full days as said by Neil Patel to analyse the report and find out which one is the most suitable. Suppose, plan A turns out to be a convincing strategy. Then, you need to compare plan A with plan C again with the help of A/B testing and take the best out of the two. Thus, in this way, through repeated A/B testings, you can skip making an educated guess and analyse the real outcome of each strategy.


You can point out that inbound sales campaign is more predictable as you already know how to grab the attention of the existing customers. Yes, this is when your outstanding services and cool products will sway them with their charm. However, when you want to generate more leads and grow your business, you have to step out of your comfort zone and initiate outbound sales campaigns. If you have great strategies in mind, implement the same and check how it fairs for your business before integrating the same. If you keep these top 10 checkpoints in mind, you can easily get your business booming in no time.



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