Family, Fun and Frolic: Why a Weekend in Mumbai is a Must


Whether you are a close-knit family or a one with more than just a couple of people, Mumbai is all set to entertain you with its numerous sights and colours so that you can rediscover each other as you peek in its heart. Interested enough? So, here we give you the top 5 destinations that are sure to tempt you for planning your weekend family tour in this glamorous city.


  • Warm Welcome at the Gateway of India


The iconic Gateway of India is the prime centre of cultural festivities of Mumbai. So, if you run on time you might as well catch a large crowd of tourists and residents dancing to the beats of the Elephanta Festival of Music and Dance. Located opposite to the grand Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel, you can enjoy a strategic view of the entire city on its face with your back to the vast ocean. If you do not fret the waters as much as your cat, you may even venture into boating by the shores of the city at minimal prices.



  • Meeting History at the Elephanta Caves


If you plan a full-day weekend trip in the city, then Elephanta Caves provide you the most intelligible experience. With their historic rock sculptures and iconography, the Caves tell the story of the city’s Past and Present. And what more, it has its own museum for archaeology enthusiasts so that you can enter another world with a move of the muscle.



  • The Jubilant Juhu Experience


If walks in ankle deep waters and mental meditations are your cups of tea, then a visit to the famous Juhu Beach should be the top of your list. The Juhu Beach becomes as fun as it can get when you are travelling solo. If you dare to walk its length during weekends, you are sure to be amazed by its wide array of activities and a colourful crowd of vendors and food stalls. But if you have a pack then make sure that you carry your fun equipment for a memorable picnic-cum-beach experience.



  • Dipping in Religiosities at the Siddhivinayak Temple


With its huge gamut of devotional airs, the Siddhivinayak Temple of Mumbai is probably the most visited place of Mumbai. If faith isn’t a countable reason, you may visit the temple for its ethnic Indian architecture and intriguing collection of natural artifacts – not to mention the glorious gold roofs and gates.



  • Dating the Stars and Mumbai’s Own Red Carpet Wax Museum


A visit to Mumbai is surely incomplete without meeting its famous personalities. So, if you are an ardent Bollywood fan or for that matter even swoons over international figures then the Red-Carpet Wax Museum is just for you! Care for a selfie?

So, what are you waiting for? The Mumbain world awaits to take you on an exciting day out with its spectacular faces. Book your dates and pack your bags because Mumbai is ever ready to welcome you to its own adventure.


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