Journey from Fat to Fit: Ways to Weight Loss in India


Who hasn’t smacked their lip at the chatpata snack foods and ghee-dripping sweets of India? And for those who haven’t stopped there, the Indian cuisine with its strong spices and flavourful dishes is yet another excuse to merrily eat throughout the day. And in such a condition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in India becomes a herculean task. Is that your story too? So, here we bring you five of the most traditional ways to weight loss in India – Losing weight and staying healthy could never be as delicious as these!


  • Beginning the Day with a Light Breakfast: 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – that is not an aphoristic statement anymore. With the wide number of oats, ragi, dalia, whole grains, fruits, salads and tomato recipes available online, anybody can cook a light breakfast that promotes weight loss.



  • Burn Your Fat with Yoga:


Isn’t it curious that the ancient Indian form of exercise – Yoga – also serves as the most effective means of checking on your health? So, if you are struggling to check your weight and physical health – grab a soft mat and visit any fitness nearby for joining the increasing group of people who have taken to Yoga for getting Young.  



  • Key Indian Diet Ingredients:


A major part of your Indian dieting plan relies on the quality and choice of food that you eat. So, before you gorge into your paranthas, do incorporate light and fibre-rich foods like brown rice, cucumber, whole grains, nuts, beans and lentils in your meals. A dash of garlic, cinnamon, black pepper, and ajwain would only do you good if put in the right recipe. So, put on your chef caps and loss the excessive weight from your meals.



  • Check Your Drinks without Wrecking Your Taste Buds


Drinking plentiful amounts of water is definitely the basic advice passed by dieticians for weight loss in India. But you can shed those extra kilos with just a grind! The extracted juices of vegetables like carrots, beetroots, cabbage, and cucumber not only check your weight but also cut down the bad sugar levels in the blood. Whether you’re a newly independent bird or provider of a flock, these refreshing drinks are just for you!



  • What Snacks are You Gorging On?


Gone are the days when fried potato chips and baked cakes were the staples of Indian evening snacks. For a truly Indian diet plan, do not forget to add home baked oats-cum-whole-grain biscuits, rice cakes, and idli dishes to your snack table. When taken along with the Assamese Green Tea, these home cooked snacks compliment your day’s efforts besides detoxifying your body from your regular food-licious ventures.

Still wondering where to start? Go ahead and rush to your kitchen. From food to exercise India has its own solutions to your every Indian problem. So, if you are looking for a point to start your kitchen is the foremost place you need to be for beginning a healthy lifestyle in India.


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