Love River Camping? Treat Yourself to this Ideal Adventure in India


You have always heard of and dreamt of visiting the Taj Mahal in India. Along with the grand Taj Mahal, India is blessed with some of the best architectural wonders of the world. However, did you also know that the natural diversity that India has in store for her visitors is simply overwhelming?

India is blessed with the bounty of nature and, thus, is an excellent place for every travel fanatic. The flora and fauna of India with the aroma of delicacies lingering in the air make your trip simply amazing. Whether you are trotting down the grand staircase of a fort or taking a stroll by the river, the soothing breeze will be ever ready to greet you.

Some of you might love to explore the deep interiors of the forestland while the others might enjoy sweating out in the cold as they explore the trails on a trek. However, there are so many of you who just can’t live without getting a glimpse of the clear waters. And, what if the smell of adventure greets you at the river banks? You would do anything to experience it, right? Thus, read along to get to know the best places in India where you can enjoy camping by the river!

Jhalong (West Bengal):

The Lower Himalayas is a good place to start if you have done river camping before. River Jhalong, a local river in the Lower Himalayas, isn’t very wide but definitely, flows with great speed. There is a forest bungalow by the river that arranges river camps for the tourists. When you wake up in the morning listening to the shrill call of the peacocks, you will be overwhelmed to be greeted by the sun-kissed Himalayas all around. The gurgling of the river will open up a new sight before your eyes and fills you up with the energy to take an elephant ride through the Jaldapara Forest nearby. This is also the perfect place to spend your honeymoon away from the city lights!

Rishikesh (Uttarakhand):

Cradled in the mighty Himalayas, Rishikesh has witnessed the River Ganges carving out its winding course in this region. If you are an adventurous person, this is the perfect place that you should choose for a river camp. From river rafting to other adventurous sports, the adrenaline rush in the air will help you know yourself in a better way. You can also visit the Char Dham, the pilgrimage that every Hindu dream to undertake, from this place and pray to the Divinity. Overall, the sunrays peeping through the green foliage and the scenic beauty all around will give your soul the tranquility that you had been looking for.

Leh (Jammu and Kashmir):

Leh is one of the most charming places the world has ever seen. With the dangerous roads leading to the River Indus, this place presents a perfect spot not only for adventure sports but also for camping by this ancient river. Along with river rafting, river crossing, rock climbing and trekking, you can explore the surrounding areas by following the trails. And, when you do so, remember that these trails might have been left behind by the invaders or the tribal people who have dwelt in this place even before the River Indus carved out its present course. If you visit this place on a clear night, you will feel like you can reach up and hold the twinkling stars. So, don’t miss out on this romantic adventure when you visit India.

Thattekad (Kerala):

If you wish to avoid the cold mountain weather, Thattekad in Kerala has a brilliant opportunity in store for you. This place lets you camp by the River Periyar and enjoys the warmth of the sun. The best thing that you will experience when you are camping by the river in Thattekad is the melodious tune that will wake you up in the morning. And, do you know the source of the music? Of course, the various birds that dot the skyline during the day wake you up lovingly as the sunrays beautify the darkened horizon. Don’t forget to carry your camera if wildlife photography is on your mind!

Dibrugarh (Assam):

You must have heard of the tribal culture found in the interiors of India. If you wish to spend a day with those natives, camping by the River Dihing in Dibrugarh would be a grand choice. Apart from the feel of adventure in the air, you will get an opportunity to dance around the bonfire after sunset with the tribal people. This enjoyment is something no city in India can offer you. So, why not get to enjoy the local cuisine and know the story of these age-old cultural sects in while camping by the river? You will surely enjoy the confluence of nature’s bounty and the cultural wealth of the River Dihing in Dibrugarh.

Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh)

All of us have heard the tales of the course of River Brahmaputra. However, how many of us have experienced its strength? Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh is that place where the River Brahmaputra hails from Tibet and enters the Indian territory to bless the countrymen with its bountiful resources. This is the perfect place for a bonfire in the evening after a long day of river rafting and indulging other adventure sports. You can even trek the here and make your trip even more interesting. However, make sure you have got a permit issued in your name from beforehand so that you don’t fall in trouble in this restricted territory.


Thus, as you can perceive, India is a marvelous place to enjoy if adventure is on your mind. In India, you will not just find the confluence of various cultures but also the beauty of nature. With a diverse flora and fauna to treat your eyes, river camping in India would surely help you get rid of the stress that you go through in your day to day lives. And, above all, you will get to have immense fun! What are you waiting for? Plan your trip today!


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