Joint Families: Bonding Since Forever


Since the retro age and till the current times, mankind has evidently observed changes in every edge and corner of the world. Technology has taken up its toll, modernization crept in and all of our social preferences too saw a lustrous style statement. It’s not much of a surprise if I say, everything has twirled upside down but the meaning of ‘’family’’ just remains the same. There have been modifications to the whole concept of a family, but surprisingly, the word still upholds its meaning true in this very era of ultra-fast moving life.

According to the English language, ‘Family’ is used to refer to a group of people closely related (by blood, marriage, or adoption) and forms roots from a Latin word ‘familia’. We often hear the trending hashtags #famjam glamouring all over the internet, which precisely speak of its significance which has been evergreen since forever. Just that over the time the jurisdictions of an otherwise large family became smaller and have confined to generally 3-4 people now. This is a dramatic change in Indian society, where huge numbers have been breathing together in the same home, commonly known as Joint Families, wherein under the same roof resided a proper lineage with its branches. By that I mean, immediate members along with relatives altogether comprise a joint family. And the alternate form of which is called as Nuclear Families containing only the immediate members (parents and kids).

I have grown up in a home and in the times when my Grandmother used to sing me lullabies, my uncle had my little fancy frock pockets filled with candies and my aunt’s kids were my cricket team. Experiencing that, I have not only learned to care for everyone, reciprocating the love multifold times but also the ability to adapt and gel up well. Joint families serve as a ration card to limitless love in one’s childhood because only then, do you know what “the family which eats together stays together” means.

The bond between members of a family living and striving together is incredible, there’s this beautiful connection between everyone that grows on and on. All the shades and emotions mix together to form a rainbow of people putting up together in good, bad and at all times. Where that humorous joke of chacha cracks down the walls of every room in the house, where the flavor of paneer cooked by bua is savored by everyone and where the legit fight of ruling home T.V is always won by the youngest one of all, such is the rejoice in being in a joint parivaar. People often put the concept of living jointly behind the bars of lack of privacy, which personally I do not readily agree with. It’s just out the platter and we decide how and what to put on it, likewise the privacy issue can always be taken care of, if a person understands managing his/her own space as well as contributing family time simultaneously.

On the other outlook, there are nuclear families where there is contentment of living one’s life as per one’s way but it has no jelly on the top when you see kids gnawing down in loneliness. Their childhood ceased down to just mobile phones and PlayStation, little or no outdoor activity produces what we term as Introverts. Children grown in a nuclear system often appear to be extremely shy, sensitive and reserved in their own space. Parents no matter how hard they try, fail at coping to fulfill every emotional need of their child at such a tender age. On the same front, the emptiness of this tech-advanced world running on a very speedy pace seems to crawl into nuclear homes where a visual picture of every member stuck on mobile screens in separate rooms in easily imaginable.  Such a scenario makes me to staunchly think, it’s time we need to flush the nuclear living and get back to sprinkle fountains of joy, smiles, and bounty in the abode combining as many.


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