Dragons of Society


From a long time ago, we had dragons everywhere,

Spread throughout the world, in every nook and corner !!

People who give lectures, on lessons of life,

Themselves do not know, the meaning of struggle and strife !!

People who make the innocent fools,

Taking for granted, the harmless, as lifeless tools !!

People who ruthlessly interfere and mingle,

Accompanied by their ugly, sly giggle !!

People who boast, about social justice,

Absolutely missing, at the time of crisis !!

Monsters who come out at night, recording the dirtiest things on tape,

Always believing, in the policy of give and take !!

People who attain their religious satisfaction,

By hacking people to death, causing mass destruction !!

People who wilfully spread communal tension,

In the name of showing their latent passion !!

People who give lectures, on the fate of the corrupt,

Themselves being thieves in mask, totally bankrupt !!

And even in the presence of these indirect fascists,

You thought, that dragons do not exist ?


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