Top 5 International Places that Indians can Visit without a Pre-Sanctioned VISA


Travelling the world is everyone’s dream but applying for a visa can be really cumbersome, especially when the holidays are not too far away. Meanwhile, letting yourself know that there are around 50 countries across the globe where you can travel without a pre-sanctioned visa can be really helpful. Here is the list of top 5 hotspots for tourists out of those countries.


  1. Thailand  It tops among the South Asian tourism, best known for its tropical climate, exotic beaches, local attractions like elephant trekking, islands, the Thai culture including food, the ruins of ancient Thai capital and floating markets. Thailand has it all. Its beaches, cuisine and its location which is not that far from the Indian subcontinent makes it look really welcoming for the desi travelers.


  1. Hong Kong – This being another Asian country loved for the events and festivals. The world-famous Victoria Harbor, Giant Buddha, the light and sound show are the main attractions here. You can also go there if you are a shopaholic and want to bring back loads of gifts for friends and family. This place is usually crowded with the neighbours like Chinese and Korean people and at least once you will feel like you are travelling in China without a Visa.


  1. The Maldives – The island country in the Indian Ocean, comprising of a thousand islands and sandbanks. This is an exotic tourist spot in all clear weathers when the sea is calm and loved for its natural beauty, the ocean, the beaches the sea animals. People visit there for water sports like scuba diving, skiing, surfing and other experiences like fishing or simply sunbathing. It has white sand beaches and crystal clear water which makes it the perfect place for divers.


  1. Jordan – This historic place in the Middle East invites tourists to its ancient sites, remains of the ancient cities and a religious tourist spot for the Christians. It has other attractions like the seaside sites, sightseeing of the cities like Amman, its nightlife, and reserves for wildlife, mountains, and valleys. You can always go there if you are a peace lover and love to explore old architecture and culture.


  1. Indonesia – Another Asian country with a huge archipelago with white sands on the beaches and clear ocean water to dive deep down into the other world. This country offers a coastline along with historical bits, natural beauties, active volcano sites, cultural shows and many more reasons to visit it once in your whole life. 


These are only five countries out of that list. Once explored them all you can go for the other ones that too without worrying about Visa. Apart from permission point of view, distance wise also they are not that far from our home and even if you have a small vacation plan of three days and four nights you can readily pack your bags and board the flight.





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