Dancing in the Rain


Dear Love,

The clicking of your keys on the front door,

Doesn’t excite me anymore.

No butterflies in the stomach,

No skipping of a heart beat,



You return home with your shirt and pants all soggy,

Your shoes stained with mud,

And your body trembling in cold.

So, I wrap you with a towel.

But oh dear, all I want to do is

wrap you in my Love.


Our kisses are just fain.

No fireworks in the air,

No nerve too ebullient to see you.

But dear, all I want is

To feel you in every vein,

And dance with you in the rain.


I go to the kitchen and trace on the window,

the trail that the raindrops left behind.

For I know, there is more Love to find.

Everyday, I look at you to remember the blain,

that causes my heart immense pain.

Because, I still remember the days when we were dancing in the rain.


Oh dear those days, when the flowers danced to every beat

of the raindrop falling on our feet.

Nostalgia, plasters a smile on my face,

when I revisit the first two years of our married life.

Now, all I want is for us to stop being so offbeat.

Without the beautiful memories, our Love is incomplete.


I wonder however, if this Love is a boon or a bane.

A Love filled with so much pain.

I turn around to see you, and our eyes meet.

I am lurking through your soul to look for deceit.

But thank God, I see my own defeat!

Natheless, when I see your hand reach out to me;


I know that our Love is not a sham.

Even with an empty pram,

there is no more pain

and life is not too mundane;

when you ask me to come out

to dance in the rain.


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