Little Girl


By Tanuja Mehta

I was lost in the depth of talks,
Until she sat next to me in her frilled frock.
She was unaware of the flaunts she made,
Sitting quietly provoked me to gaze.
Thinking of her made me so calm
That I forgot all world’s harm.
When our eyes met,
I froze where I sat.
Those shiny brown deep eyes
Were making everything around us fly.
Her cute little innocent face
Was icing on a Christmas cake.
Thanking God for I made a wish
Of having a child just like this.
She is the moon to me
So beautiful yet out of reach.
Thought of her always makes me grin
As if everything’s going to shrink.
Life has become full of curls
Ever since I have met my little girl.

About the author:

Tanuja Mehta is someone who believes that writing is a way of portraying the depth of oneself. She quotes, “Pen and paper are your best friends with whom you can speak your heart out; in return they won’t judge you, rather encourage you to move ahead.”


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