The Better Me


– By Tanuja Mehta

Among the beautiful constellations I may be a curious comet,
Not stable and secure like others
But moving randomly to fit better with them.
I may be lesser pebble among the shiny jems,
But can be a strengthening support for a memorable monument.
I may not be a confident speaker,
But can be a sensitive listener.
I may not be emotionally strong,
But believes to make it through all.
I may be a looser among the winners,
But accept the way it is within the purest soul.
I may not speak bitter truth,
But happy to be a sensitive liar.
I may not be a speedy runner,
But glad to be a unvarying walker.
I may not have a large company of friends,
But enjoys fully even a modest minute with self.
I may not be in people’s bucket list,
But can be a cherished one.
I may be silent and expressionless sometimes,
But this is how I present myself.
I may break promises and expectations,
But trust me I am no better than this.
I would never be a good book to read in a lifetime,
But might be a good chapter…a good line…even a good word.
I may not have different fancy resolutions every year;
I will never be perfect,
Yet a regular one who strives to make the better me.

About the author:

Tanuja Mehta is someone who believes that writing is a way of portraying the depth of oneself. She quotes, “Pen and paper are your best friends with whom you can speak your heart out; in return they won’t judge you, rather encourage you to move ahead.”


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