Madly in Love till Her Last Breath


-By Rounik Raj

A world far beyond –
Deep, dark and all alone.
She craved, grieved, gasped
And looked for hope,
But there were no stars to look upon;
She cursed her fate for all this chaos.
Her heart was being crushed by the thoughts she spawned.
His memories were too strong to be erased
And she did try every possible way.
But he engraved his adamant love into her core;
He tattooed it deep inside her lovely soul.

Now he lies in his grave, in Spain;
Living his afterlife in her brain.
In pure silence unaware of the tears she shed.

It’s been three years from the day he left.
She still comes to his shrine everyday
With his favourite coffee in her hand,
And continues complaining for the way he left
leaving her alone in this brutal place.

She is aware of the fact that he will not return any-day;
But that’s the only place she would like to be as it has his remains.
The boy she loved rests in peace-
The only comforting believe she believes.
And she will come here everyday for the rest of her life
Whatever the season it be:
Summer, winter or may it rain.



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