I’m Lost


I’m lost in loss
Maybe the feeling I had
Haven’t been erased at all
Maybe it never will be…

I’m lost in space
Maybe the present I’m living
Have been rendered meaningless
Maybe it will remain dark forever…

I’m lost in time
Maybe it stopped ticking for me
When you said your goodbye
Maybe it will never start again…

I’m lost in grief
Maybe my heart has its companion
In your absolute absence
Maybe it will never be same again…

I’m lost in your absence
Maybe you made me whole
With your love, your passion
Maybe one-day, I will choke in this void…


With Harry Potter introducing him to the world of brilliant books, RR is one of the most avid readers you will come across. He is the person who looks for the best even in the worst; and, that is perhaps the reason why the books, which will definitely put you to sleep, seem interesting to Rishi! And, his vast reading ability gives him the skill required to pen down his thoughts lucidly.

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