Poison of Your Love


I rise out of the poison of your love

The venom I drink to my glory

Taking a sip from the glass of blood you offer me

Your love consuming me with a poisonous intoxication

Putting me in a state of trance

Binding me in love-lost transition

The semi-conscious and complete unconscious

Rising out of my consciousness

I rise out of the poison you entwine me with….

My soul moves out of my physical presence – fading out into eternity

I am at peace now – with the rain falling upon my barren face

Arousing me with a deep embedded kiss hugging my scarred and burnt soul

I rise out of the poison of your love!


Upalparna Dey is not just a writer but one of the best editors. She is that person who does not skip a chance when it comes to extending a helping hand. Her modern mindset combined with her emotional heart makes her one of the best friends you can rely on. When she is not writing or editing, she spends her time taking pleasure in reading classics and savouring the brevity of Somerset Maugham’s intellect.

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