Board Exam Results: An Outcome of the Past but not a Verdict of the Future


Fear grips one and all. But it is when fear grips students and youths for board exam results, that great damage is done to their personality. Ah! How much these students suffer, and for what all various reasons! If only some help could be given to these youngsters so as to free them from their fears and empower them with new hope, strength, and courage!

More and more students are developing various fear complexes and phobias than ever before. In all aspects of their life, fear seems to be stopping them from going ahead. Often, they are found to be afraid for no apparent reason. Many students again are afraid for reasons which they cannot express to others. Alas! Youths who should actually radiate energy and be filled with bravery and courage are often seen to exhibit their opposite qualities! When a challenging situation comes up, by taking part in which, these youths could develop these positive qualities in their personality, they are found to be strangely backing out and beating a retreat and accepting failure, all in a queer and stupid manner. What is the reason? Lack of Self-Confidence.

As a student, you should know that it is quite possible to overcome fear. The sooner the conviction comes to you, the better. It is most essential, therefore, that youngsters take appropriate steps to wipe off this blot on their personality – the blot of fear and cowardice.

Following are some of the remedies of fear and anxiety:

Clarity of Thought:


It is the most useful tool in dispelling fear. You must be able to analyze circumstances and experiences in your own life, boldly and impartially. In order to learn to think clearly and analyze meaningfully, you will have to associate with brave, wise men who know how to do it.

Fill Your Mind Up with Powerful Ideas:




Always think and speak of bravery and courage. Read strength giving literature. You will have to read powerful ideas to assimilate them. You must make sincere efforts to study such literature – a veritable treasure-house of power. It will open new horizons before your mind and introduce you to many new and powerful ideas.



Never Sit Idle:




The popular proverb – “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” has great truth in it. So, when fear arises in your heart, don’t sit idle. Get up at once and do one of the following:

      1. Start reading inspirational articles or blogs.
      2. Take up some constructive and creative activity.
      3. Go to some dependable elders you know and spend some time in their elevating presence.
      4. Take deep breaths rhythmically and do some methodical exercises.

Avoid Rotten Personal Habits:





If you want to achieve success, there are certain rotten personal habits you must avoid at all costs:

      1. Wandering about doing nothing
      2. Losing yourself in idle gossip
      3. Brooding over your weaknesses
      4. Postponing your duties
      5. Lingering in an undecided state of mind

All of this exhausts the brain, weaken the mind, and drain all your energies, leaving the inner core of your personality greatly damaged.

Even when you have a fear, try to avoid giving it an expression. This will surely help you to overcome it gradually. Your ONE exam result will only be able to tell about your preparation for the exam which is already over but not about the exams of practical life which you will face in future, and which is more important.



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