Finding the Futile


-By Rohan Jha

Do we find friends now?
I don’t think so!
In this world with people growing row by row
And humanity hitting its low.
Do we find friends now?
I don’t think so!

To find a friend amiable and kind,
In this 21st century mankind? (Ha)
A world full of malice and vice,
Cheating and lies- the only sheer hypocrisy on rise.
But, does it matter in today’s ways?
I don’t think so….
But don’t be sad it’s not that bad
Because the world we live we form;
So, be good and don’t just frown,
And see the world change to green from brown.

About the author:

Being a student of class IX, Rohan Jha has surrendered to the beautiful world of poetry. He feels that ideas and feelings are best conveyed when they are put forward in a poetic way. He sees poetry not only as a hide but also something that wears the potential of changing the social perspective.


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