Your Daily Dose of Motivation: Why it is Needed and How to Get it


Have you also experienced the situation wherein after watching a movie or reading a quote, you get really motivated to do something but the motivation doesn’t last long enough? On some days you feel naturally uplifted as if you could rule your day and win over the world. But on the very next day, you feel so low that you slog through your day waiting for it to end. If you’ve felt any of this, then don’t worry because it’s the most normal thing to happen and you’re not the only one feeling it. But, why does it happen?  It happens because motivation, just like other feelings of happiness or sorrow, is not supposed to accompany you at all times. It needs a spark to keep the fire burning. And if you don’t give it that spark, it seems to walk away for a while.

Motivation is the most basic need that enables us to go about any work. Without it, we would not even push a chair or walk two steps despite having the potential and reason to do so.

The American author and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, once truly said that ‘motivation is like bathing, you got to do it every single day’.

Which is why, instead of dreading a bad day, we need to find ways to prepare ourselves to fight one.

Read on to find some simple ways to refill your tank of motivation as you start your day.

Simple habits to motivate yourself at the start of your day


The pen does the task!

  • Keep a diary for yourself, wherein you pen down the things you need to accomplish in your day. It makes you realize the purpose that the day holds and pushes you to fulfill that purpose.
  • Keep a book of inspiring quotations or of the genre that motivates you. For some people, it can be their spiritual book like the ‘Gita’, while for some it can be a ‘You can win’ by Shiv Khera.
  • You can maintain a ‘thought for the day board’ wherein you can ink a new thought for each day. ‘Writing’ is the next step to ‘thinking’ and it brings your thoughts to the physical world. Alternatively, you can also keep a ‘calendar’ with a quote for each date that you overturn on every new day.

Put your sports- shoes on!

  • Activities, like running or playing a sport, are a great way to start your day not just for the health benefits but also because they spark feelings of competitiveness and endurance that motivate you to win over your day.
  • Activities like Yoga that soothe your mind and increase your energy reserve also leave you feeling prepared to kick start the day.


A healthy mind resides in a healthy body!

  • A healthy and tasty breakfast makes you feel strong and ready for the day. If the food is good, it can be enough to lift your spirits and make you feel happy. A happy soul opens several doors for motivation.

Make schedules!

  • When you schedule works for your day, remember to keep a fun and recreational activity for the end. This will motivate you to finish your works quickly and you’ll have something to look forward to at the end of a busy and tiring day.
  • Before sleeping, run a to-do list in your mind for the next day. This keeps you from wasting your time when you wake up the next day as you already know what you have to do and hence, it keeps you motivated from the beginning of the day.

You can have many of your own ways to push yourself to achieve goals and go about your day.

Also, it is healthy to keep changing your source of motivation from time to time. This avoids them from becoming monotonous and inefficient. Stay motivated!


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