-By Ananya Ghosh

Am I a good person?
Do I try to be better every day?
Who is to judge?
I have created a bubble around me
that hides me from this world,
That protects me from the devil;
From the outside they see me as a person
They can get to and would do no harm because I resemble their dark.
Right from the very beginning when I thought that
I could create freedom:
Live free,
Love free;
I came across the stygian side of me.
For each of my longing,
I did some gruesome things,
Things that my spirit wouldn’t approve of.
I’ve hurt many along this path for mere satisfaction.
I had to!
Since, you know how the world out there is.
Who am I?
The answer to this always fluctuates
Because my persona is dependent on all those lives I’ve silenced inside me.
They tend to come out differently every time.
But don’t you see?
There’s a whole lot waiting for the opportune moment,
Waiting for me to come out and grasp me with those scary long fingers,
They lust to choke my inner soul that is still clean,
That is still void of the evil.
They’ll come to make it one of their own.
I live in this world created by me.
Yes! I live in my illusion.

About the author:

Ananya Ghosh is a medical graduate, and adores writing when no hobbies flatter her more. She is presently pursuing her dream of becoming a Fighter Pilot in Indian Air Force. She likes to write on random things and not the one on personal life; and desires to motivate the whole world via her written words.


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