Narasinghgarh: An Offbeat Place in the Heart of India(MP) that Feels like Heaven


When asked about traveling, many of us would say that we love it. Will you like to explore a place with all the beauty in it, the feel of nature, jungles, twinkling stars of the sky, roughness and beauty of mountains, melodious sounds of streams, and the smell of wet soil on earth? Just reading these words can take you somewhere else, isn’t it? How about visiting a place like this?


Introducing a place here, which would make you feel much more than all that mentioned above. A place situated in the heart of India, not so far from Bhopal and lies in the Rajgarh district, holding the vivid beauties of nature. A place that made author’s childhood days memorable and wonderful is NARASINGHGARH.


It is a small town surrounded by really big mountains from all sides. The entrance itself makes you wonder as it is from between the mountains. They look like the soldiers standing all over to protect the beauty of the place. Although the place manages to maintain its beauty all over the year, it is best to visit here in the rainy season.

The waterfalls coming from almost every side with that smell of wet soil will give you a heavenly feeling. The center of attraction of the place is a temple known as ‘Jal Mandir’ which is located in the middle of a lake named ‘Parashuram talab’. The view of the temple and the lake along with the mountains and fort makes it the picture spot of the place.

There is a royal fort that stands still on a big mountain watching over the town. The fort has its own history and mystery. Although, it has damaged a lot one can still feel the royalty and the haunt in the place. The walls of fort feel like talking to you and revealing the mysteries and stories of bravery and rule.


There are many temples on the mountains, each having its own specialty. ‘Chhota Mahadev’  and ‘Bada Mahadev’ temples have a great significance in the lives of people residing here. Both of them are on mountains. In the rainy season, the fair organized at Chhota Mahadev takes you to some another world. While walking up to the mountain, there are a lot of views you can gaze upon. The stalls on both the sides, the smell of Bhutta(Corn), bath in ‘Hathi-kund (a pond-cum-waterfall)’, small waterfalls on the way and the aura of Lord Shiva gives you the peace you might be searching for. There are a lot of beautiful places like this to visit here.

In winter when the fog covers the whole town and you get to see a fisherman fishing across the lake with his boat amidst that fog, gives a real feel of Kashmir. For that reason, it is termed as the ‘MINI KASHMIR OF MALWA’. Its main government offices are the small palaces of the king and you can easily see peacocks dancing nearby, especially in the morning.

The town also has a nearly located Wildlife sanctuary named ‘CHIDIKHO’ where one can explore the jungle, have a bath in the lake with crocodiles, dance with peacocks, run before tiger and click photos of deer and other animals. It is a perfect picnic spot and many tourists love to visit here.

One goes short of words while describing Narasinghgarh and going there even once will make you feel one of the best choices ever made. Apart from being such a wonderful place, it is not so known but there is a hope that it will get the attraction it deserves, in the coming years and turn out to be a well-known place for tourism.  



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