Meet Priyamvada Agarwal – One of the Finest Career Consultants


PRIYAMVADA AGARWAL is a proficient career consultant, educationist & test-prep trainer from Kolkata,
who has been shaping the lives of her numerous students since 2010. In 2014, Priyamvada started “Education & You”. Shre is also involved in many CSR and community service activities, especially in the field of skill-
development, transforming into reality – her strong belief in empowering individuals through capacity building and increase social awareness, while developing communication skills. Priyamvada believes that
that empowerment of women can happen only through education and more so when such education is
aimed at developing life-skills.

Let us hear what she has to say in an exclusive interview with StarWords India.


Describe ‘Learning’ in 3 words.

Has No Age Limits


As a trainer, what are the challenges that you have faced so far and how did you overcome them?

It has been a very interesting journey since 2010 as a trainer because every training program I have conducted be it academic or corporate is full of challenges and this makes me more energized and focused.

One of the first few challenges is making the session adaptive in nature keeping in mind that attending audience is a mixed group of candidates having different ages and backgrounds. Such that no one goes home empty-handed.

Another challenge is to make the session interactive for all, especially those who are introverts or have fear of speaking their minds.

To overcome all such and other challenges, I, as a trainer, have to do my study prior to conducting a session, like study the profiles of the candidate attending, design the content in a customized manner, include networking and interaction based activities and discuss case studies.


How did you come to the conclusion that “Education & You” can bring a difference to many students and give them the opportunity to pursue a successful career?

I started my journey in the Education field in 2010 as an overseas career counselor and trainer for Impel Overseas Consultants Limited – Kolkata Branch, before which I had interned as a project manager for a Financial Literacy Training program for Children and Homemakers.

The interactions with the so many candidates, parents, and associates that I met and networked with over those years was a great learning lesson for me in the practical world. It not only enhanced my knowledge in the field of career counseling and training abilities but also helped me strengthen my communication and networking skills.

After quitting my job in 2014, I wanted to open my wings and fly a little high and that is when Education & You, came to my mind. I wanted to open an institute which is just not a regular service provider for career counseling and training but is also a platform where service is provided in the most personalized and customized manner with the pinch of personal experience being shared which can help in nurturing someone’s career in a more profound manner.

This pinch of personal experience and customize designing of every training session makes all the difference.


When is the right time for students to realise that they would like to go abroad for higher studies?

It is never too late to decide when you want to change the course of life, but whenever you decide then the right guidance and proper planning need to be down before jumping to pursue it.

Education in India or Abroad both is highly recognized but the difference is in the delivery pattern. Ideally, a student should give himself/herself a year and a half before they leave India to pursue higher studies abroad as a lot has to be learned and inculcated before going.


If you could change 3 things that the Indian education system follows, what would that be?

Delivery Pattern of the Education, bring more Flexibility in choosing subjects and making students become independent learner rather than bookworms.


Which is the book that is dearest to your heart? Has it shaped you into the person you are today?

Wings of Fire – written by our former president Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It is an autobiography about himself which I read when I was in school. It changed my perspective to seeing life and its hardship. It made me realize that if you have the zeal and wish for something then let its fire cross all hurdles till you don’t reach it. Never give up because the hurdles are difficult, bring positive energy around you and conquer it because life is never meant to be easy.


If you were stranded on an island, what are the three things you would wish for and why?

Ahh… sounds very lucrative. The 3 things would be – Pile of books – bcoz I love reading and hardly get time nowadays due to work; Food – bcoz I am a big foodie and comfortable sleeping materials.

Life would be blissful for a few days definitely.


Would you like to share a funny incident from your childhood days?

Don’t know which to share have many.


How would you like to inspire the students?

Today’s generation students are very smart and intelligent. They just need the right encouragement and guidance to be able to reach the peaks of success.


Any take on StarWords India and its platform?

I came to know about StarWords India after I and Shreya connected over Linkedin. After few interactions, she approached me for an interview. Her approach was so warm and full of positivity.


Team StarWords India thanks Priyamvada for this exclusive feature. Feel free to connect with her on:

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