Hair Care Regime for Healthy Hair


Hairs play a significant role in making us feel confident and affect our personality and look. We all love our hair and always want them to be healthy, shiny, strong and complement our looks. Many of us try a lot of hair care tips and what not to groom ourselves. This article shares some of the hair care regimes to follow on a regular basis to have healthy, natural looking and beautiful hair.




Not only girls but, boys also give a lot of attention to their grooming routines of hair and look. So, here are some easy to go, natural and good cost regimes that present few good choices for both the categories i.e. for men and women.



One of the most basic tips suggested by the top hair care researchers is of trimming your hair on a regular basis. Yes, trimming plays a great role in growing hair faster and keep them free from split ends. Trim your hair almost ½ an inch in 3 months and you will gradually have good results with you.



The next basic suggestion is to apply ‘henna- the natural hair color and conditioner’ to hair to give them a gorgeous look and to have a wonderful feel. You will just love your hair after applying henna. It colors your hair beautifully as well as provides nourishment to them. It is a natural hair care remedy and does not produce any harmful side effects like most of the artificial dyes usually do. It would definitely be a good choice to choose natural henna over all other coloring sources.


Drink enough water:

Next, one of the best and easiest way to take care of your hair is to ‘water them’ but not in the literal sense. Here, it means to try to drink enough water in a day, to keep your body hydrated throughout. This really helps in keeping your hair healthy and strong.



Have vitamin-rich diet:

Here comes one of the most said and heard tip of all times and for all kinds. Almost all of us get the advice of having vitamin rich food. This tip is worth following but, I know many of us simply negotiate it. If followed in a disciplined manner, this tip will surely bring good results for hair as well as your whole body. Try to have protein and vitamin-rich diet. For hairs, try to have more of Vitamin E.


‘Amla(Gooseberry)’ is one of the best edibles to enrich your hair with vitamin E. Also, you can apply ‘Amla Oil’ to nourish your hair on a regular basis and for those who don’t oil their hair regularly, they can apply its juice before hair wash and have the results. Onion also proves to be good for hair as it comes with ‘Keratin’.

Almost all the basic and easiest hair care regimes have been mentioned here and now its completely up to you to follow them faithfully to have the results. There are many such regimes and you can check as well as follow them. Don’t forget to oil your hair on a regular basis to provide nourishment to scalps. Hope being regular on these regimes give your hair a total care so that you may have a ‘Hairy tale’ along with a fairy tale.




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