Womb to Life- Journey Unjustified


-By Ananya Waliya

For 36 weeks he matured in her womb;
No matter what colours he reflect,
Her love was- altruistic, purely purified.
She maintained silence so dignified;
She succoured, mitigated to make you through.
But sorry, she never craved for a human like you.

She struggled with affliction and soreness:
That accouchement brought a new-fangled soul;
On other side, that soul snatched life of other beings.
Damn! That egoistic attitude did wonders for none,
Instead, his perception killed one plus one:
One was whom he made serve in heaven or hell;
Other was that mother who made him dwell.
This human nature dismantled every bond;
His act spraying vitriol back on himself.
He had her blood throbbing in his veins,
But sorry, she never craved for a human so egocentric.

When female rejected his vulgar prospect
He molested and branded them whores.
He didn’t bother the aftermath? Or
Was that temporary memory loss?
There are no tears, no recriminations;
Humans are self-centred, self-seeking ghosts.
Grave repercussions will meet you soon;
Karma carries on regardless the thrust.

About the author:

Ananya Walia is currently a student in Delhi Public School. She sees writing poems as a hobby that comforts her in need by serving her various opportunities, that she gives her the courage to believe that she can and must put forward her fierce thoughts in the society.


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