– By  Harpreet Kaur

I held myself strong when you left me alone;
Pain and agony you were going through,
I have seen all but I
Held back my tears was smiling.
Each day I hoped for the better;
You were in pain and I was afraid;
Afraid of losing you but I knew you’ll make it back.
Fighting your suffering all alone,
You left me before I could meet you once.
You were right, your love was pure;
I failed to find the warmth in your hug.
I was spirited but just for the world,
Inside, I was shattered with the strains of loss.
Losing you…I have lost a gem;
Your love’s priceless in the price-tagged world.
I wish I had filled your time with mine;
These days will be gone
But my heart will still cry for mother’s love.

About the Author:

Harpreet Kaur is a freelance writer. She used to write articles for companies but soon developed interest in composing poems. She feels that poems are the best way to pour our feelings and express it through writing. For her, poem writing is an art which shapes the overall personality and it’s an overall joy to engage in such a wonderful activity.


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