My Thoughts were Born Free


– By Pooja Dey

When I entered into your world,
I felt the warmth of my mother’s womb;
With her eyes I saw the world beautiful;
You protected me being my shield.

And the day I was born,
I had the glance of your creation.
Voices I heard once were replaced with visions;
I grew up in hearts and laps.

I was unaware of my identity:
They gave me surname, caste and community;
I was a tender sapling of love,
They inculcated imperceptive of religion in me.

The destination of my thought was sky;
Class of society hindered me to fly.
Resources and money played in addition,
Tried to control my choice of dream.

To my mother who taught me humanity,
To love and live with integrity;
Only Knowledge, wisdom, and honesty
Led me above the clouds to infinity.

About the Author:

Pooja Dey , a student of computer engineering, likes to read and write since her childhood days when her only interest was to find out all the rhyming words and present them together in the form of a poem. Slowly and gradually it became her passion. She loves expressing her thoughts through her poems.


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