Life Unravelled


– By Aaina

A moment is all I have for now,
Let me live but don’t ask me how;
To always have faith take a vow,
All happiness to you will life endow.

Let your smile sparkle through eyes,
After every fall be willing to rise;
Life is but a game of dice,
May love and faith be your allies.

Celebrate life with a glass of wine,
Follow your heart and you’ll be fine;
Choose your spectrum then put colours in line,
“Just be you” and you shall shine.

Resent no one for love is the key
Life is precisely like a cup of tea
It’s how you make it, just trust me,
Smile your way through this sea.

It’s a rollercoaster, beautiful, and wow;
Treasure it please, here and right now
Things will go brighter surely somehow
Give life a wink, it’s beautiful only if you allow.

About the Author:

Aaina is a word weaver disposed towards weaving irresistible and polished write-ups. Each tale she weaves speaks for itself. Writing mesmerizes and ultimately describes her. A great web copy is more than that meets an eye and that’s where she comes in.


Sushmita firmly believes in her motto “Write like no one else will ever read you” and encourages the same to everyone.

Aspiring to create something brilliant and a prominent work of literature in the near future, she prioritises moulding style and emotions into words, at the same time, exalting thoughts and feelings above expressions.

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