Life : Rather Messed than Being Blessed


– By Arpita Singh

Although life seems to be a transparent revelation
And death appears to be an eternal mystery:
Life is such a baffling probability,
While death a straight-laced certainty.
When a day starts with happiness, it ends with agony;
When a day starts with tears, it ends with laughter.
The troubles never abet,
Whereas the solutions never fortify.
The numerous questions stall our way in the broad daylight,
On the other hand, the very few answers remain lurking in the darkness.
The endless lies float on the surface,
But the naked truths sink out of sight.
Hatred desperate to annoy us at its fullest,
Love reluctant to soothe even at its slightest.
Hopes seem to diminish and move to distant spaces,
Yet despondencies still endeavour to loom around us.
With great ease, we let ourselves get carried away
By the erroneous delusions and self-effacingly succumb to it,
But distance ourselves from the expediencies and brazenly fail to recognize it.
We tend to play the pretentious vault to our dearest acquaintances,
However, open our hearts and pour out the emotions suppressed
Somewhere in their deep alcoves, onto the most bizarre of strangers.
So harsh, so unrelenting, so forbidding;
Yet the utmost reality of life, that could never be ameliorated.

About the Author:

Arpita Singh is a straightforward girl, who draws the inspiration for her writing from every small corner of the world around her. She is a medical aspirant and wants to become a cancer-specialist in the future. She hopes to influence the minds of millions with the help of her words. She herself has witnessed a lot of sexism on her personal basis and wishes to play a part in the fight against injustice inflicted on women.


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