What I ought to be Doing


-By Arpita Singh

Have to surpass the limits;

Have to push the boundaries;

Have to conquer the fear;
Have to overcome the emotions congregating in the head’s rear.

Have to strive hard until the very end;
Have to put the paramount efforts until the situations mend;
Have to fight with every ounce of energy left;
Have to rise up again if I somehow fell into tragedy’s cleft.

To reach the shore, even if everywhere I see the water brimming,
To get out of the darkness, even if a single ray of hope is seen coming;

So that I could leap higher,
Jump over the walls and glide above the fences.
So that I could dream bigger,
Reach my destination and achieve my goals.
No matter what life throws at me,
I should be prepared to protect myself from getting hit.

Even if it batters me with its terrible blows,
I will not crumple, and fall down.
Instead, I will uphold the strikes,
Hold onto my nerve, and keep on trying
To bring the track of my life back onto its reigning rails.
No matter what life takes from me,
I should be always ready to get it back.

Even if I lose everything I cherish,
I will not transmute myself into some rapacious being
Who is so keen to retrieve his lost possessions
That he keeps on disregarding the human creed.
Instead, I will endure the pain,
Bide my time, and carry on with the struggle
To accomplish each and everything I am capable of.

About the Author:

Arpita Singh is a straightforward girl, who draws the inspiration for her writing from every small corner of the world around her. She is a medical aspirant and wants to become a cancer-specialist in the future. She hopes to influence the minds of millions with the help of her words. She herself has witnessed a lot of sexism on her personal basis and wishes to play a part in the fight against injustice inflicted on women.


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