Walking into College Life


Life is like a beautiful train journey. Just like we travel amidst nature and come across various stations till we reach our destination, in the same way, we take birth, come across different types of people, face various situations both good and bad, gain experience and stop at various stations till we ultimately breathe our last. College life is one such station where we can see our lives change completely and take us to a whole new level.  College broadens one’s horizon. It’s a bigger place- A broader platform to understand and prove ourselves.

The beginning

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Indeed, stepping into the big world of college- a new world opening up, a world full of uncertainties, hurdles, a mix and match of failure and success and a world which has the capacity to fill the jar of our lives with unlimited memories- is a challenge in itself. The feeling of being homesick, the loneliness of not knowing anyone, the pressure of doing well both in academics and extra-curricular activities, living with someone one have never met before are just some of the struggles of being at college for the first time. But, having faith in oneself can make it a piece of cake.


“Happiness comes from…some curious adjustments to life.”

– Hugh Walpole

The next and the most important step is ADJUSTMENT. Start of college life brings with it a cauldron of hurdles, which one can overcome if one has the self-confidence and faith in oneself. Walking into one’s new home for the first time, then realizing one has to share that small room with a complete stranger is one of the more unnerving things to deal with in college. Students come to the realization that life is not as easy as they might hope for. After one has moved in and started to get used to one’s new surroundings there is always the tough task of letting oneself out of one’s shell and meeting all the other people that live around him/her. It is really tough to get used to the new food, and not being able to see one’s family one has lived with all these years. But, we have to adjust ourselves to the new environment- the food, the people and the professors. No matter what our background is, no matter what our scores in high school were, we all would be living in the same hostel, dealing with the same people and availing the same facilities.

The journey

Then starts the delightful journey! A journey full of ups and downs, mesmerising adventures, promising events, a journey where we sweat it out like never before, a journey which enlightens us, builds us for us future endeavours, makes us both physically and mentally strong and, a journey which creates its own special place in every student’s heart.


The end of it

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Similarly, the game of our lives begins after we finish college. Saying goodbye is never easy, that too to those times which were part of the golden period of our lives. Things fade, time flies but memories last forever. As we step out of our comfort zones in the challenging world which awaits us, we bid farewell to our college and friends, memories of which will be cherished in the days to come.


A journey full of unchartered territories to overcome, full of surprises awaiting us and a journey which leads to the formation of so many new families with unbreakable bonds- college life has a lot to offer. With our hard work and determination, we can come out with flying colours and have a great future.


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