Have the Real Feel of Being Alive


Those belonging to present generation might have recognized the term, ‘You Only Live Once’. It is a well- known slang word as well as acronym generally used today. Same goes for death also as You Only Die Once. So, why not experience life to its fullest and death to its closest?

Here are some points that describe the actual mean of being alive!


Enjoy the little things:

If you feel like there is peace nowhere in this world while doing a regular job or being BUSY in BUSINESS, try spending some time with your family, your parents’ smile will be the greatest inner peace for you.

Try doing something for orphans, old age homes or street people. The feeling of making people happy around you is ‘priceless’. Bringing smiles to the faces of people around you brings out the best in you and makes you feel alive. Just make sure to try it once, the feeling of satisfaction will be more than anything.




Experience and Express:

If you feel bored enough with life and want to have some adventure, try going to unknown places and roam as much as you can. Have the long road trip, you always fantasized for.

If you are in love with someone, do not hesitate to tell them. At least, try expressing your feelings in front of them so that you won’t regret later for not expressing and wonder what your life would have been if you had expressed yourself.


Try conversing with your elder ones. They have the best lessons of life with them and will shower their blessings as well as words of wisdom on you.  It will definitely make you feel lighter.

Laugh as hard as you can. It is the best way to ‘feel alive‘. Be happy, as well as try to spread happiness wherever you go.

                                                                  Say yes to adventures and risks:


Try going to places you love. If you ever had a dream or wish of visiting a place, go as soon as you get a chance. Never miss an opportunity to do things you love. Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams. Even if it is hard and rough, make yourself tough and go to experience the ‘changes‘.

Have those rides that you wished for and experience the ‘adrenaline rush‘. Try having all the breathtaking adventures like ‘river rafting‘.



It is supposed to be one of the best adventurous sports and will definitely make you go wild. Apart from river rafting, there are many other experiences to share and story to tell. These activities are also responsible for increasing the level of confidence in a person. A confident person tends to live life more positively than the rest.


These little experiences will make you believe in the importance of life and make you realize that ‘no millions or billions have worth greater than that of having the real feel of being alive‘.


The concluding point is that try to have as much as you can, from life. Be sporty, be active, be happy, be the best version of yourself and as they say, ‘learn like there is no end and live like you have to die tomorrow‘.


So, try not to chase for materialistic things. Instead, chase your dreams and do things that make you happy.





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