Don’t go yet, wait


Don’t go yet, wait
I have got things to tell
About the fight, I fought
About the blood, I bled
About the trauma I incurred
Don’t go yet, for I won’t take long

Remember the years of our togetherness
Now lost in the history of time
Remember how it all went downhill
Like an avalanche burying all there once was
Leaving behind fragmented memories to be cherished
Don’t go yet, for I want to relive our magic one final time

I beg forgiveness, for the pain I inflicted
Though I remember little, forgive my fickle memory
Weakened by chemicals pumped in intravenously
To fight the battle, my biological system was losing
For reclaiming the final hours, which I so desired
Don’t go yet, for I want to make amend for wrongs I did

Pushing you far away, was the only solution
You were on the cusp of glory, you so hard worked for
Now when I see, what you have achieved
Makes me feel proud, though lonely too
I want you so much, but Alas! The time is up
Don’t go yet, for I want to embrace you one more time

Don’t be afraid of my silence, My Angel!
I’m tired of fighting, and now nothing is left to fight for
I’ve accepted my fate, and I don’t want to complain
My silence means I have embraced gracefully my inevitable end
I want you to move ahead, into the exciting unknown in front of you
But don’t go yet, for we have one last laughter to laugh

When the time erases my existence
When the river absolves my ashes
I want you to come with yellow rose
To shed the tears, albeit the happy ones
Making me blessed, for I am united with my eternal love
But please wait, let my portrait dive in you one last time


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