Eighty Hours To Save Karen – Book Review


Title: Eighty Hours to Save Karen

Author: Sitharaam Jayakumar

Publisher: Self-published

Format: E-book

Language: English

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Grandparents say yes when parents say no. Grandparents teach us what true, unconditional love means. Eighty hours to save Karen is a book about Air Commodore Matthew Williams who goes to great lengths to save his granddaughter Karen, even if it means fighting the supernatural. It’s a story about the love of a man for his granddaughter but with a spooky twist.

A short summary:
The novel opens in Kimnur a small village in Shimla, where Air Commodore Matthew Williams lazily stretches on an easy chair and watches his granddaughter Karen Lakshmi play with her dolls. Karen is his only family left in the world and he completely dotes on her. His elder son Jack who had joined the Indian Army had died in the Kargil War and his younger son Richard, who was Karen’s father died in the car crash.

Karen comes across an apple, consumes it and gets sick. The next night a village laymen, whom everyone considers a lunatic invites Matthew to reveal some secrets. He tells him that the villa where he resides has a supernatural past attached to it. The lunatic also called the fiddler then gives him clues about how to solve the mystery of how his beloved Karen can be rescued.

What follows is a sequence of spooky events that can totally baffle you and an ending with a sharp twist, which was not expected at all.

The major theme in the novel pitches science against superstition. It shows that unconditional love conquers all. It teaches the value of friendship and those true friends can go to the ends of the earth to help a friend in trouble. And lastly, it shows that one should accept people for how they are and who they are and not try to change them.

Themes & Conditions:
The personality of the fiddler is very intriguing. On the one hand, he gives off the impression of someone who can feel the supernatural, the mystical universe. On the other hand, he is someone with a sharp wit and intellect, scientific and miles away from superstition.

Air Commodore Matthew Williams is someone who is strong and not very emotional. He wants things to happen his way. Yet as Karen comes into his life he softens up. He decides to change in a heartbeat. He asks for forgiveness and accepts his granddaughter as she is, without trying to alter her.

The Circumstances:
The twist in the tale comes up as Matthew goes back to the fiddler. Once again the two people, with contradicting personalities come together. The lies get uncovered and the mystery is solved. The twist is surely a shocking one. Vikram, a cop and the only friend of Air Commodore Matthew Williams appears on the scene. Towards the end of the story, Matt and Vikram take their friendship a notch up as they decide to live as a family.

Eighty Hours To Save Karen
The novel is written in a simple language. The best part about the story is that it doesn’t lag and the plot is fast-paced. The reader is hooked onto the story and cannot afford to skip even a single sentence. The story is also perfectly structured. It can be regarded as a science v/s superstition piece, neither claiming to be superior. It is also based on facts.

Rating: 3.5/5

Book Cover: 2.5/5

Book Title: 3/5

Story: 3.5/5

Writing Style: 3.5/5

Grammar and Punctuation: 4/5


Meet the Author: 

Author Sitharaam Jayakumar

Twitter Handle: @SmallFryBlogger



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