Insomnia – A Review


Situated on the first floor of Infinity Benchmark building in the heart of Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata, Insomnia is a café with the provision of hookah. We visited the place on an afternoon to explore its food and ambience.






As you enter the place, you will notice two different sets of seating arrangements. On the left is the ordinary sofa with the table arrangement. On the right, there are a series of private cubicles decorated with cushions and dim lighting. You need to take your shoes off and step on the platform before having a hearty meal on a Japanese style table in a cozy manner. We chose the latter option and found that system more romantic of the two mainly because of the blue light and the carefree manner in which we could sit. However, the place seemed to require minor renovations according to me. The music playing in the background could use some improvement. Also, the menu card needs a few corrections as far as spellings are concerned. Rating: 3.5/5




2. Staff:



The staff at Insomnia was courteous and friendly. However, they lacked a bit of professionalism. Otherwise, the service was satisfying. Rating: 4.5/5


3. Food:

We ordered as follows:



  • BBQ Chicken


This dish had tender pieces of chicken in barbeque sauce accompanied by thin slices of onions and bell peppers. The quantity was enough to feed two people. Rating: 5/5



  • 4 Topping Chicken Cheese Pizza


The pizza was a thin-crust one and came in 8 slices. The pizza was quite delicious having 4 types of toppings, namely chicken, mushroom, cheese, and olives. Pizzas, here, are served with a bowl of tomato ketchup. Rating: 4/5



  • Onion and Mushroom Chicken Risotto


For a first-timer, the Onion and Mushroom Chicken Risotto was tasty. The rice was perfectly cooked and the pieces of mushroom and chicken were equally tender. The bowl full of cheese was topped with a spill of cream making the dish all the more delicious. Rating: 4.5/5

On the whole, the afternoon experience at Insomnia was a good one along with an affordable price tag of INR 721 for two. Overall Rating: 4/5


Sabarno Chowdhury is an engineer on pen and paper but a self-proclaimed poet and philosopher by heart. He pens down his own personal experiences or anything from the surrounding that conjures up magic in his mind. Specializing in short poems or musings, he likes his readers to tax their brains by leaving the major part of the interpretation to the readers’ imagination. When Sabarno is not playing the role of an engineer, poet or philosopher, he is seen in a restaurant enjoying a wholesome meal and living one of his dreams of channelizing his love for food as a food blogger.

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