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It is not every day that we get to visit a vegetarian restaurant. However, I decided to check if veg dishes could finally surprise me in a good way. Hence, I accepted the invitation extended by the restaurant management for food tasting.

🔵Location: This place is located at the intersection of Camac Street and Shakespeare Sarani. The restaurant is at a convenient location for those taking the cab. Bus route is not available and private cars would have to go looking for a parking space elsewhere. Rating: 3.5/5

🔵Ambience: This restaurant has dim lighting and glass tables that have spotless cutlery kept on them. The wooden furniture and leather sofa look inviting for a dining experience. Rating: 4.5/5

🔵Staff: The staff at the restaurant is very helpful. As some of us were hardcore non-vegetarians, we were guided to choose the dishes that would satisfy us to the fullest. Rating: 5/5

🔵Food: We decided to order the following from their menu:-

🔴Paneer Angara: The grilled paneer triangular pieces had the rich flavour of tomato. The taste and presentation were bang on. Rating: 5/5

🔴Turkish Borek: Turkish Borek is originally a baked filled pastry in which the dough is very thin. The one served to us had a good phyllo crust but the filling was slightly bland. Rating: 3/5

🏵️Italian Main Course:

🔴Paneer Tikka Pizza: This classic hand-tossed pizza had an excellent quantity of mozzarella cheese teamed with paneer tikka cubes. The taste was really good. Rating: 5/5

🔴Arrabiata Pasta: This red sauce penne pasta had sufficient exotic vegetables. The sauce was slightly tangy and the texture was creamy. Rating: 5/5

🏵️North Indian Main Course:

🔴Shaam Savera: I was quite sceptical when we were suggested this dish but I was blown away after tasting it. This had a tomato cream based gravy with balls that had a tossed paneer filling coated with mashed spinach. The taste was heavenly. Rating: 5/5

🔴Paneer Butter Masala: The paneer cubes were very soft and the while buttery gravy with extra cream tasted brilliant. Rating: 4.5/5

🔴Cheese Chili Olive Naan: I tasted this combination of naan for the first time and I was very impressed. The cheese coating on the Indian bread with adequate olives and green chillis trapped in them tasted excellent. Rating: 5/5

🔴Butter Naan: This regular butter naan was very soft and tasted good. Rating: 5/5


🔴Russian Mojito: This was an improvised version of virgin mojito with the addition of perhaps black currant syrup. As I personally do not like this flavour, this was a thumbs down for me. Rating: 3/5

🔴Virgin Mojito: This was indeed refreshing with the perfect amount of mint and sweetened syrup. Rating: 4.5/5

🔴Fresh Lime Soda: Perfect in terms of both temperature and taste, this glass of fresh lime soda perfectly ended our meal. Rating: 5/5


🔴Sizzling Brownie (home made): We had ordered their homemade brownie served on a sizzler tray with vanilla ice cream. The brownie was so soft and muddy just the way I like it. The marriage between the hot sizzling brownie and the cold vanilla ice cream was one of the best desserts we had tasted in a while. Rating: 5/5

Overall, I would say the food is delicious. Being a hardcore non-vegetarian, if I could fall in love with their food and hospitality, I am pretty sure you will too. So, do give their dishes a try when you feel like tingling your taste buds.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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Featured Image Courtesy: Roibat Bhowani (Instagram Handle: @kolkatafoodographer)


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