Top 5 Newspapers for IAS Aspirants

1+ Becoming an IAS officer is a dream which several youngsters in our country passionately chase. However, a few succeed. Success in the civil services examinations is not about how hard one works, but about how smart one is in recognizing the right methods for preparation. Reading the newspaper is a pre-requisite for IAS preparation. Read more about Top 5 Newspapers for IAS Aspirants[…]

Is Ghostwriting Worth Our Time?

1+ Ghostwriting, even as a concept, has always intrigued me. Ghostwriting is when a writer writes for another person for a specific purpose- be it a speech or an article. The fact that the writer is called a ‘ghost’ writer in this context is evidently because the by-line belongs to the person the article or Read more about Is Ghostwriting Worth Our Time?[…]

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