On Human Emotions

2+ Users who have LIKED this post: -By Sitharaam Jayakumar Anger! Thy name is like a curse: You cause such profound distress; Igniting grievance and spreading dislike in both men and women alike. Sorrow! You fill the heart with agony: Making the soul cry in disharmony; Among all alive, awake you tempt to rain the copious Read more about On Human Emotions[…]


2+ Users who have LIKED this post:   By Jayashree Pillai It begins with a little thought , A surmise or the germ of a notion That finds its way through words Into the waiting minds Of willing listeners. A splash of colour is added To paint a little picture That becomes a little more Read more about Rumours[…]

The Dream World

3+ Users who have LIKED this post:   By Shreya Gupta Pause, like you heard something unusual; Yes! Yes! A whistling sound; But don’t be surprised when you turn around, And see a girl at your back, Teasing, calling you with various names. How would you feel? Irritated? Well, she must have been irritated a Read more about The Dream World[…]

Nature Will Knock

4+ Users who have LIKED this post: By Rishi Raj   When forest becomes fire; When leachates ingress lakes; Water hoses come into action To tame the untameable calamity.   When foundation start shaking; When ceiling start cracking; Insurance come to shroud the flaw To rescue one with shattered home.   When Cirque lake’s mud Read more about Nature Will Knock[…]

The Ordinary Change to Pursue the Extraordinary

14+ “Change is the only constant thing in nature.” Isn’t this the popular phrase that we are so much into using in order to decode the theory of a perfect life? Surely! Change is of primary importance. It is capable of taking innumerable forms in our lives. It might come as terrible tragedies, challenging choices, Read more about The Ordinary Change to Pursue the Extraordinary[…]

The Fundamental Right to Privacy

6+ Users who have LIKED this post: We were not yet done hailing for the Supreme Court‘s verdict on the Triple Talaq issue on 22nd of August 2017 winning majority, and it happened so on Thursday, 24 August 2017 that the Judiciary of India achieved its momentous glory and landmark on declaring that all persons Read more about The Fundamental Right to Privacy[…]

The Triple Talaq Trouble

8+ Users who have LIKED this post: There have already been innumerable debates and disclaimers on the recent verdict by Supreme Court on the practice of Islamic triple talaq with a contradiction of opinions among the panel of judges. Where Justice J S Khehar and Justice Abdul Nazeer, translate it as interference into the religious Read more about The Triple Talaq Trouble[…]

The Greatest Last Stand Ever

6+ Users who have LIKED this post: The greatest last stand 53 years ago is the story of legends, that now rest in the legendary tales. It’s the story of political but military failure. It’s the story of melancholy and pride. It’s the story of how a war united the nation as never before. It’s Read more about The Greatest Last Stand Ever[…]

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