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Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Delhi

0 If the sun’s scorching heat was not enough to drain you, the blazing and endless pressure of work is still waiting for you. We all are tired of the abundance of work ahead of us. Office-work, studies or household chores, we all need a break once in a while. And when is a better Read more about Top 5 Weekend Getaways from Delhi[…]

Family, Fun and Frolic: Why a Weekend in Mumbai is a Must

1+ Whether you are a close-knit family or a one with more than just a couple of people, Mumbai is all set to entertain you with its numerous sights and colours so that you can rediscover each other as you peek in its heart. Interested enough? So, here we give you the top 5 destinations Read more about Family, Fun and Frolic: Why a Weekend in Mumbai is a Must[…]

Career Choices: Accessible versus the Inexplicable

2+ A major part of a child’s nurture often goes in carving an individual out of his/her personality. That is to say, for a parent the primary concern of all growth is the mental maturity of the child. Yet, it isn’t an uncommon observation that even after the blossoming years, a child is deprived of Read more about Career Choices: Accessible versus the Inexplicable[…]

Top 10 Checklist for Outbound Sales Campaigns

1+ Introduction: Running a business requires a good sales team. If you cannot sell your products and services, you cannot expect your business to grow. In order to achieve the target that you have set for your brand, you need to research well and reach out to those people who are interested in availing your Read more about Top 10 Checklist for Outbound Sales Campaigns[…]

Pearl of That Shell

3+ -By Tanuja Mehta I may be the shiny stone, Still live deep down all alone. I may be preciously owned, But don’t have any value for my soul. I be like the Shepherdess sheep, Dreams of whom are churned far deep. Sometimes I feel like a raging storm Caged in a corked bottle, Eager Read more about Pearl of That Shell[…]


1+ – By Niharika Sah Moments now feel too unkind Knowing you were never mine. How come heart accept deny That held you unquestioned, and why? Time favours not but torments. Oh! Tired I am in laments: Whether to rush in or go slow, Living with or rather blow. Breathing now feels forced upon, Waiting Read more about Bittersweetness[…]

The Voice of Nature

3+ – By Moorthy A. Are you listening The voice of Nature? It’s not only for human beings But for all living creatures; She is crying, but we all are quite; We keep on hurting her, whereas, she Leads the lustre into the world. She is divine- The Goddess! But aren’t we taking her as Read more about The Voice of Nature[…]

Let The Human Bird Fly

3+ – By Sitharaam Jayakumar Oh little bird! Tell me your secret: Where did you learn to build your nest? Who taught you to find a mate? And lay eggs and raise your young ones? You do not have any expectations From your young and pretty ones. You cherish and nourish them all day So Read more about Let The Human Bird Fly[…]

A Poet’s Muse

3+ Users who have LIKED this post: – By Sitharaam Jayakumar Oh! I am smitten by a fair maiden. I am bewitched by her dark wavy curls, Her deep big eyes like limpid pool shining brightly like gems and pearls. When I look at her from far away, Her sweet lips parted in a half Read more about A Poet’s Muse[…]

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