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Have the Real Feel of Being Alive

8+ Those belonging to present generation might have recognized the term, ‘You Only Live Once’. It is a well- known slang word as well as acronym generally used today. Same goes for death also as You Only Die Once. So, why not experience life to its fullest and death to its closest? Here are some Read more about Have the Real Feel of Being Alive[…]

Walking into College Life

2+ Life is like a beautiful train journey. Just like we travel amidst nature and come across various stations till we reach our destination, in the same way, we take birth, come across different types of people, face various situations both good and bad, gain experience and stop at various stations till we ultimately breathe Read more about Walking into College Life[…]

Interesting Autobiographies to Read

0 While your collection might be plentiful in several genres, and romance, fiction, thriller, comedy, drama, etc. adorn the shelves of your personal library- autobiographies are not yet out of taste. And never out of fashion. There’s an enticing charm in unraveling the life of another person- by reading through their autobiography. There are several Read more about Interesting Autobiographies to Read[…]

How Cool is the ‘Internet of Things’?

0 Toy Story – for real? Do you remember Disney’s animated Toy Story? The movie where the lifeless toys of the boy named Andy came to life and interacted with each other when Andy wasn’t around? Or the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast where the utensils, the clock, and other appliances had a sense Read more about How Cool is the ‘Internet of Things’?[…]

Book Review – In Custody

0 Title: In Custody (1984) Author: Anita Desai Publisher: Heibemann Buy now! Publishing Date: 8 October, 1984 Genre: Novel, Fiction Pages: 208 pp (first edition hardback) ISBN: 0-434-18635-X (first edition hardback) Format: Print-hardback and Paperback Review: The whole novel portrays the tragedy and struggle of Deven to fulfill his dream to meet his idol and then Read more about Book Review – In Custody[…]

What I ought to be Doing

7+ -By Arpita Singh Have to surpass the limits; Have to push the boundaries; Have to conquer the fear; Have to overcome the emotions congregating in the head’s rear. Have to strive hard until the very end; Have to put the paramount efforts until the situations mend; Have to fight with every ounce of energy Read more about What I ought to be Doing[…]

Life : Rather Messed than Being Blessed

4+ – By Arpita Singh Although life seems to be a transparent revelation And death appears to be an eternal mystery: Life is such a baffling probability, While death a straight-laced certainty. When a day starts with happiness, it ends with agony; When a day starts with tears, it ends with laughter. The troubles never Read more about Life : Rather Messed than Being Blessed[…]

Life Unravelled

2+ – By Aaina A moment is all I have for now, Let me live but don’t ask me how; To always have faith take a vow, All happiness to you will life endow. Let your smile sparkle through eyes, After every fall be willing to rise; Life is but a game of dice, May Read more about Life Unravelled[…]

My Thoughts were Born Free

1+ – By Pooja Dey When I entered into your world, I felt the warmth of my mother’s womb; With her eyes I saw the world beautiful; You protected me being my shield. And the day I was born, I had the glance of your creation. Voices I heard once were replaced with visions; I Read more about My Thoughts were Born Free[…]

Blockchain: The New Face of Business

1+ The blockchain is often used synonymously with bitcoin, however, both mean different things. Bitcoin is a form of crypto-currency and blockchain simply facilitates transactions in bitcoin and other forms of crypto-currency. Unlike banks that facilitate the transfer of traditional currencies, the Blockchain is a digital log wherein transactions in bitcoin and other forms of Read more about Blockchain: The New Face of Business[…]

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