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My Thoughts were Born Free

1+ – By Pooja Dey When I entered into your world, I felt the warmth of my mother’s womb; With her eyes I saw the world beautiful; You protected me being my shield. And the day I was born, I had the glance of your creation. Voices I heard once were replaced with visions; I Read more about My Thoughts were Born Free[…]

Blockchain: The New Face of Business

1+ The blockchain is often used synonymously with bitcoin, however, both mean different things. Bitcoin is a form of crypto-currency and blockchain simply facilitates transactions in bitcoin and other forms of crypto-currency. Unlike banks that facilitate the transfer of traditional currencies, the Blockchain is a digital log wherein transactions in bitcoin and other forms of Read more about Blockchain: The New Face of Business[…]


1+ – By  Harpreet Kaur I held myself strong when you left me alone; Pain and agony you were going through, I have seen all but I Held back my tears was smiling. Each day I hoped for the better; You were in pain and I was afraid; Afraid of losing you but I knew Read more about Mom[…]

The Funeral Pyre

5+ – By Rishi Raj With blink of an eye, a generation passes away To far away hinterland into the oblivion Leaving behind a handful of memories To be cherished forever in spirit. Spirit is all that’s left bereft of physical form Giving us blessings from the heaven above Telling do not despair, my child, Read more about The Funeral Pyre[…]

Womb to Life- Journey Unjustified

0 -By Ananya Waliya For 36 weeks he matured in her womb; No matter what colours he reflect, Her love was- altruistic, purely purified. She maintained silence so dignified; She succoured, mitigated to make you through. But sorry, she never craved for a human like you. She struggled with affliction and soreness: That accouchement brought Read more about Womb to Life- Journey Unjustified[…]

Hair Care Regime for Healthy Hair

2+ Hairs play a significant role in making us feel confident and affect our personality and look. We all love our hair and always want them to be healthy, shiny, strong and complement our looks. Many of us try a lot of hair care tips and what not to groom ourselves. This article shares some Read more about Hair Care Regime for Healthy Hair[…]

Woman Bikers in India – An Uncommon Sight?

0 As the street lights turned red and the vehicles came to a halt, a phalanx of young hawkers ran towards the road. One of them came across a woman on a motorbike. The helmet that she wore concealed her face. The hawker confused her for a man and was surprised at the sight of Read more about Woman Bikers in India – An Uncommon Sight?[…]

Meet Priyamvada Agarwal – One of the Finest Career Consultants

2+ PRIYAMVADA AGARWAL is a proficient career consultant, educationist & test-prep trainer from Kolkata, who has been shaping the lives of her numerous students since 2010. In 2014, Priyamvada started “Education & You”. Shre is also involved in many CSR and community service activities, especially in the field of skill- development, transforming into reality – Read more about Meet Priyamvada Agarwal – One of the Finest Career Consultants[…]

Burning Fuel Price…in India

1+ We have been showered with the news of the increasing price of petrol and diesel in our country. During NDA (2004), the petrol was Rs.35.71, which is Rs.73.31, as you can see now. “Sardar, who is not Asardar”, said by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the time of fuel price hike under Manmohan’s Read more about Burning Fuel Price…in India[…]

Stay Hydrated in Summer

3+ The human body can last weeks without food, but only days without water. The body is made up of 75 percent water. Summer is the most loved and hottest season! It is the perfect time for vacations, spending time with family and friends, sunbathing, and swimming. Having said that, dehydration, or the loss of Read more about Stay Hydrated in Summer[…]

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