Need Help with a Bright Career? Consult Education & You

0 Choosing the right career in life is crucial. It not just decides whether you will have financial stability in life but also determines how happy you will be in the future. This is when proper guidance is required. To ease up the decision-making process, several counselors are available all over the world who strive Read more about Need Help with a Bright Career? Consult Education & You[…]

Walking into College Life

2+ Life is like a beautiful train journey. Just like we travel amidst nature and come across various stations till we reach our destination, in the same way, we take birth, come across different types of people, face various situations both good and bad, gain experience and stop at various stations till we ultimately breathe Read more about Walking into College Life[…]

Board Exam Results: An Outcome of the Past but not a Verdict of the Future

10+ Fear grips one and all. But it is when fear grips students and youths for board exam results, that great damage is done to their personality. Ah! How much these students suffer, and for what all various reasons! If only some help could be given to these youngsters so as to free them from Read more about Board Exam Results: An Outcome of the Past but not a Verdict of the Future[…]

Career Streams of the Modern World

1+ Digitalization of the world has opened many exotic career options that are totally new and exciting. This ongoing process demands a workforce of dedicated young and creative people willing to learn the fast growing technologies and new methods of marketing on the internet. Digital media marketing is one such stream requiring the manpower for Read more about Career Streams of the Modern World[…]

Career Choices: Accessible versus the Inexplicable

2+ A major part of a child’s nurture often goes in carving an individual out of his/her personality. That is to say, for a parent the primary concern of all growth is the mental maturity of the child. Yet, it isn’t an uncommon observation that even after the blossoming years, a child is deprived of Read more about Career Choices: Accessible versus the Inexplicable[…]

Top 5 Newspapers for IAS Aspirants

1+ Becoming an IAS officer is a dream which several youngsters in our country passionately chase. However, a few succeed. Success in the civil services examinations is not about how hard one works, but about how smart one is in recognizing the right methods for preparation. Reading the newspaper is a pre-requisite for IAS preparation. Read more about Top 5 Newspapers for IAS Aspirants[…]

Is Ghostwriting Worth Our Time?

1+ Ghostwriting, even as a concept, has always intrigued me. Ghostwriting is when a writer writes for another person for a specific purpose- be it a speech or an article. The fact that the writer is called a ‘ghost’ writer in this context is evidently because the by-line belongs to the person the article or Read more about Is Ghostwriting Worth Our Time?[…]

Employee Retention: A Forever Process

3+  In this competitive business world, each company desires to grab new talent whereas retention should be its prime concern. Each company tries to draw in prime talent from the market towards their business to carry them for long. It’s terribly powerful to retain talent of your organization with you (Employee Retention: A Forever Process). Why do the employees checkout for brand new opportunities with a brand new company? Why should the unit Read more about Employee Retention: A Forever Process[…]

Write a Poem in 10 Minutes!

4+ Hi! Well, you must be wondering why this so-serious nerdy is suddenly being all funny. This is not my resolution and I don’t intend to become a stand-up comedian one day. It is just that I am trying to solve your queries in this post. I am going to help you out with writing Read more about Write a Poem in 10 Minutes![…]

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