Romantic Reflections…

12+ In the solitude of the night, the lonely breeze caressed my face, Waking me up from a dream unlived to an unrealistic world – Where was I? My reddened eyes cried out making my heartbeat race To the point where slumber overpowered my nightmarish whirl…   This isn’t the first time dark clouds embellished Read more about Romantic Reflections…[…]

It is Better to Feel Surprised than to Feel Disappointed

3+ Expectations,expectations & expectations! Keeping them high ruins everything. Yes, everything. The daughter didn’t speak to her parents for weeks just because they couldn’t get her favorite dress while coming back from some place, last night a friend of mine called me up explaining how she broke up, the reason being nothing but a minor Read more about It is Better to Feel Surprised than to Feel Disappointed[…]

A Life Lived Well

31+ The biggest regrets of life are that it always ends with “I wish I had..”. While sitting on the rooftop in the dark nights, these sudden thoughts almost compelled me to write. All our lives we keep running behind success, jobs, money, higher positions and other tremendous sparks of lives. A majority of population Read more about A Life Lived Well[…]

Solo She Leads…

10+ Stuck in the race of life, She got even braver with every passing day; Holding down the memories that all lay in the hay. Remembering them ever for they could stay, Alas!Unlike the trees that used to sway, She could never hold them again, For she could never pass that lane. A life away Read more about Solo She Leads…[…]

Water – A Tale

27+ Where should the water go? To the wetlands? Into the ground? To the forest bed? To the river bed? But can it go? – That’s the question I ask.   When the wetlands are filled To usher in urbanization and growth, The water goes to the houses of the humans In search of its Read more about Water – A Tale[…]

The Ordinary Change to Pursue the Extraordinary

14+ “Change is the only constant thing in nature.” Isn’t this the popular phrase that we are so much into using in order to decode the theory of a perfect life? Surely! Change is of primary importance. It is capable of taking innumerable forms in our lives. It might come as terrible tragedies, challenging choices, Read more about The Ordinary Change to Pursue the Extraordinary[…]

The Triple Cry

24+ A fearful cry escaped my burning throat, The memories of the past evoked An agony that made me row a sinking boat, Knowing well, I’d drown and get choked.   The colourful dreams shattered when I heard – The wretched eyes could no longer hold back The fiery tears that confined me as a Read more about The Triple Cry[…]

The Fundamental Right to Privacy

6+ We were not yet done hailing for the Supreme Court‘s verdict on the Triple Talaq issue on 22nd of August 2017 winning majority, and it happened so on Thursday, 24 August 2017 that the Judiciary of India achieved its momentous glory and landmark on declaring that all persons in India have an intrinsic fundamental Read more about The Fundamental Right to Privacy[…]

The Triple Talaq Trouble

8+ There have already been innumerable debates and disclaimers on the recent verdict by Supreme Court on the practice of Islamic triple talaq with a contradiction of opinions among the panel of judges. Where Justice J S Khehar and Justice Abdul Nazeer, translate it as interference into the religious matter considering it hypocrite in regard Read more about The Triple Talaq Trouble[…]

The Greatest Last Stand Ever

6+ The greatest last stand 53 years ago is the story of legends, that now rest in the legendary tales. It’s the story of political but military failure. It’s the story of melancholy and pride. It’s the story of how a war united the nation as never before. It’s the story of courage till the Read more about The Greatest Last Stand Ever[…]

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