The Triple Cry

24+ Users who have LIKED this post: A fearful cry escaped my burning throat, The memories of the past evoked An agony that made me row a sinking boat, Knowing well, I’d drown and get choked.   The colourful dreams shattered when I heard – The wretched eyes could no longer hold back The fiery Read more about The Triple Cry[…]

Are You Concerned about a High Bounce Rate?

15+ Bounce Rate refers to the number of people who navigate away from your website, that is, literally ‘bounce back’ after visiting just a single page of it. Google Analytics that is referred to by most of the people all over the world portrays that a high Bounce Rate indicates that the website under consideration Read more about Are You Concerned about a High Bounce Rate?[…]

The Fundamental Right to Privacy

6+ Users who have LIKED this post: We were not yet done hailing for the Supreme Court‘s verdict on the Triple Talaq issue on 22nd of August 2017 winning majority, and it happened so on Thursday, 24 August 2017 that the Judiciary of India achieved its momentous glory and landmark on declaring that all persons Read more about The Fundamental Right to Privacy[…]

Life Of Pi – A Review

7+   About The Book: A Tamil boy from Pondicherry discovers the concern related to sanctity and realism from a very young age. Life Of Pie covers the childhood and teenage of this Tamil boy, Pi. His father possess and runs a zoo in their birthplace in India, and his father is definite about being Read more about Life Of Pi – A Review[…]

Rediscovering Skin Care Regime with IT’s Skin

1+ Users who have LIKED this post: Give your skin the touch of IT’s Skin When we are so much in dilemma regarding the best product for our skin, we often tend to forget the best. Talking about the best brand in Singapore which comes to our mind is IT Skin. With an enormous range Read more about Rediscovering Skin Care Regime with IT’s Skin[…]

The Triple Talaq Trouble

8+ Users who have LIKED this post: There have already been innumerable debates and disclaimers on the recent verdict by Supreme Court on the practice of Islamic triple talaq with a contradiction of opinions among the panel of judges. Where Justice J S Khehar and Justice Abdul Nazeer, translate it as interference into the religious Read more about The Triple Talaq Trouble[…]

All About CAD

1+ What is Computer-Aided Design (CAD)? Computer aided design, as the name suggests, in layman’s language, means “designing with the help of computers”. In other words, it is a computer technology which helps in designing a product or object; or we can say, Computer-aided design (CAD) is the use of computer programs to create two- Read more about All About CAD[…]

Tired of Long Hair? Look Cool with a Short Hairstyle

11+ Users who have LIKED this post: If fashion is what you run after, you will soon get tired adjusting to the latest trends. While being fashionable makes you look great as you walk down the street on a bright, sunny morning, your style statement is what defines you the most. So, why don’t you Read more about Tired of Long Hair? Look Cool with a Short Hairstyle[…]

Five Top QuickBooks Apps of 2017

11+ With small businesses being the new trendsetter and entrepreneurship being the latest career path chosen by many, accounting assistance becomes quite an important guide. However, just because you have a low budget, you don’t need to sacrifice half your profit by hiring an average tax consultant. You can let the force of digitalization take Read more about Five Top QuickBooks Apps of 2017[…]

Gear Up to Travel Solo!

12+ Users who have LIKED this post: Travelling is neither a leisure nor a passion; to some, it is the addiction that gives them the zeal to survive. Travelling opens up a new world behind the fading horizon. It gives you the opportunity of praising and experiencing the unnerving beauty that lingers in the air Read more about Gear Up to Travel Solo![…]

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