Can the Startup Trend Bring Equality in Gender?

2+ Some of you must have already noticed that it is quite difficult to strike a balance between the number of men and women working at any firm. Though equality between the men and women at the workplace has started to set in, not all women get the job that they deserve. Take the construction Read more about Can the Startup Trend Bring Equality in Gender?[…]

iOS App Development Trends That Will Shape 2017

1+ In today’s digitalized world, slowly and steadily technology is taking over every aspect of our lives. Even for the simplest tasks, whether it be to calculate an amount or listen to a song, we use an app on our smartphones. The ever-evolving popularity of mobile application technology has caused the app development industry to Read more about iOS App Development Trends That Will Shape 2017[…]

3D Pens – A New Tool in the Artistic World

10+ Generally, people used a normal wood pencil or click pencils which are normally made of wood or plastic and the lead is used to make the art. With these ordinary pencils, people can only draw 2-dimensional images.  But now, using a new technology, a 3D diagram can also be drawn. The 3-dimensional pen doesn’t Read more about 3D Pens – A New Tool in the Artistic World[…]

Pursue a Crash Course on Driving and Hit the Roads

3+ There are a few ways to earn with your driving skills. There are many mobile apps related to cab service where a person can drive and can earn a respectable amount for running his household. There are many restaurants where delivery persons are needed for takeaway orders. So, there are a few ways to earn Read more about Pursue a Crash Course on Driving and Hit the Roads[…]

Tablet Rental Services Make Life Interesting

3+ Nowadays, people are much dependent on technology. Almost every working person has his own laptop, and smartphones. Some of them also carry PDAs, tablets and more. In daily working life, these electronic gadgets make a huge difference in work. Like a person who works as a sales representative and is new to his profession can Read more about Tablet Rental Services Make Life Interesting[…]

With the Top Developers in Town, Your House Soon Becomes Your Home

4+ In modern India, real estate business is one of the most profitable businesses that a person can do. A real estate company can earn huge and can be a place for employment of many people. Real estate means the property consisting of land and the building on it with the natural resources such as Read more about With the Top Developers in Town, Your House Soon Becomes Your Home[…] – Your New Mode of Earning

8+ How would you react if you got to know that doing your favourite piece of ‘wastage of time’ could actually get you money? Sounds hilarious, right? Well, creativity does have its own ways to help you taste the fruit of labour. And, this is why Abhinav Jain had dedicatedly started the Whatsstatus website to Read more about – Your New Mode of Earning[…]

Analytics and Quote-to-Cash

2+ Disruptive technologies, in this digital era, are driving transformation at an exponential rate, introducing innovative tools that are redefining the business dynamics like never before. The rapid emergence of revolutionary technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) –  terms which seemed alien even a few Read more about Analytics and Quote-to-Cash[…]

The Triple Cry

24+ A fearful cry escaped my burning throat, The memories of the past evoked An agony that made me row a sinking boat, Knowing well, I’d drown and get choked.   The colourful dreams shattered when I heard – The wretched eyes could no longer hold back The fiery tears that confined me as a Read more about The Triple Cry[…]

Are You Concerned about a High Bounce Rate?

15+ Bounce Rate refers to the number of people who navigate away from your website, that is, literally ‘bounce back’ after visiting just a single page of it. Google Analytics that is referred to by most of the people all over the world portrays that a high Bounce Rate indicates that the website under consideration Read more about Are You Concerned about a High Bounce Rate?[…]

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