19th April 2018

Dance in the Rain


Dance in the Rain

Author: Shreya Dutta

Genre: Poetry 

Publisher: Think Tank Books 

Year: January, 2018

Format: E-book + Paperback

Language: English

ISBN (print): 978-81-936204-0-3
Price: INR 150

ISBN (eBook): 978-81-936204-1-0
Price: INR 100 


There isn’t a person in this world who can proudly say that he or she has not undergone an emotional turmoil. As human beings, we connect with different people and get entwined and touched by various events. Every person that we come across and every event we experience leaves an imprint in our lives. At times, the impact is for our own good. However, there are also times when a dark cloud hovers around us and leaves us in dismay.

“Dance in the Rain” is the poetic version of the emotional turmoil we go through in life. As we grow up, we experience the joy of discovering new things. Even the slightest of surprises make us jump up in joy. As we grow older, the reality starts to dawn upon us. We make friends and fall in love to discover a whole new world. These new emotions with a strength of their own make us forget that things can go unexpectedly at times. We are surrounded by the cloud of happiness and we soar in our dreamland. We don’t realise that eventually, at times, our dreams do shatter. And, that is the time we succumb to the gravity of darkness.

It is difficult to embrace that your best friend has become your greatest enemy. It is difficult to accept that your first love will never be your true love. However, does that mean you would give up? Of course, not! This life is too precious to lose. And, through the good and bad times, you have to learn to discover the strength to move on. You have to learn to embrace the challenges that are thrown your way. You have to figure out your way no matter how dark and rough the path is ahead of you. You have to take risks and overcome the obstacles. Only then will you be able to see the world light up before your eyes again.

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“"Dance in the Rain" is a brilliant debut collection of poems by Shreya Dutta which mirrors the author’s romantic persona.”
Srikanth B. R.
Senior Editor - Deccan Chronicle
“It’s a book that makes your soul dance. Incredible and heart touching! This can’t be missed.”
Nikhil Shrivastava
Author – Because You Need This
“Have you ever danced in the rain? All soaked up? The experience is indeed enthralling. “Dance in the Rain” by the young and elegant Shreya Dutta opens up a journey to feel life to its core – a must-have experience for all.”
Upalparna Dey
Sr. Sub Editor – The Telegraph, Calcutta
"It is a really striking collection, constructed out of an emotionally-packed lyric on family, culture, gender imbalance and antiquity. An accumulation of reasoning, feeling and hearing which are reflective yet flowing. These ballads are splendid, dedicated and atypical bits and pieces which channel an unbearable warmth for almost everything."
Lovey Chaudhary
Blogger - Femonomic.com
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