Meet Our Interns – 2018


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College: Dr D.Y. Patil Institute of Technology, Pimpri (Pune)

Course: Bachelor of Engineer (Civil)

Writing is an indispensable and quintessential figurine of my persona. I love to write because it provides me with a prolific platform for expressing my views and reflections in a precise, accurate and creative fabric.

The concept of reinforcing freelancing writers on a dynamic platform in order to give them their deserving recognition- is what appeals me the most about Starwords India. This indeed has ignited the flame of inspiration within me.




College: National Institute of Fashion Technology (Chennai)

Course: Bachelors in Design (B.Des)

I love writing because it’s my escape from reality, a way of turning the noisy meaningless chatter of the world off. It serves as a pathway of communication and expression for me, giving me a sense of solace that no other activity can.

The whole idea of StarWords India is very relatable to me. I have a passion for writing but couldn’t make it my career. But StarWords is helping me to keep that passion alive and help me all the way to make it better.




College: Shiv Nadar University (Noida)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)

“Writing is the painting of the voice”, I find it much easier, clear and hassle-free way to express my thoughts instead of speaking. I feel a unique energy building inside me while writing. Writing declutters my mind, makes me happy and soothes me to the core.

Working with people who are following their passion has been my inspiration and this is exactly what StarWords is doing.




College: Institute of Home Economics (University of Delhi)

Course: Bachelor of Elementary Education

Writing is therapeutic. It helps me to reflect upon the craziness of life. It helps me to become a refined and rational version of myself.

I see StarWords as a wonderful attempt to bring together intellect and imagination. A platform where you can let your mind run wild, and bring forward to the world the marvellous concoctions created by human psyche.




College: Indian Institute of Technology(BHU) (Varanasi)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Chemical Engineering)

Squishing out each corner of my heart to bring out the sentiments, the emotions, and the hidden gems analogous to the individual words to cast into the ornamental excellence of structured completeness is something I crave and genuinely aspire for.

StarWords gives the contentment of leaving your footprints where you never passed, the charisma of glittering words amidst this fainted world and the mask which always makes you feel the real you.




College: MCM DAV College for Women (Chandigarh)

Course: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology Honours)

Writing has always been one of my truest passion that I just could not leave behind no matter what. It’s a source of venting out all my emotions and unsaid thoughts on paper or just typing away on my laptop and the immense pleasure it has always brought me is a feeling that I just cannot forget. This is what keeps on pushing me towards my pen and notepad, this feeling keeps alive the spirit of scribbling down words which were always left unsaid.
The fact that you have kept alive your love for writing is what has inspired me the most. StarWords has offered struggling writers and passionate authors an opportunity to showcase their talent. This belief system and the passion for writing is what I strive to build up in myself and StarWords has helped me and inspired me to pursue my dreams.
College: Loyola Academy Degree and PG College (Hyderabad)
Course: B.A Mass (Communication)

Hey, is it raining out there? Time for a rain dance! But, have you ever wondered, if the rain you dance under is someone’s cry? Grieving and shedding tears on a balcony above clouds? That’s why I love writing. It draws my limitless imagination in words, beautifully.

Birds of a feather flock fly together! StarWords is a home for people like me. It gives my imagination a platform to portray, gets me the right audience and exposes me to various other worlds of my co-writers.



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