5th October 2017

Meet Our Interns – 2017



College: Techno India, Salt Lake (Kolkata)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Information Systems)

Writing is a platform to me where I can open up myself in disguise. Emotions, life, cruelty, reality – all the sorts of elements which compel me to rethink about our surroundings, I can just simply wear a mask, take a pen and put it into my characters which are simply the mirrors of our lives.

StarWords India provides a platform to the writers to make their very own mirrors and place it in that location of their choice. Such is the kind of originality with the wings of freedom. Not only I but every writer who wants to make a change for good in our society would surely love to write as part of the team.




College: Institute of Integrated Learning in Management Graduate School of Management (Greater Noida)

Course: Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) [Marketing]

Since, I am an Engineer followed by a Management student,t I love to think about nature, its creation, about the universe, the present day scenario, the fluctuating economy, cultural imbalance among youths, technological revolution and others. I have always been enthusiastic to publish my write-ups on social media platforms. I feel satisfied when I write something on current issues and some unprecedented facts.

From the inspiration point of view, the venture that StarWords India has leaped frogs especially for youths inspires me a lot. Secondly, this is a platform where I can publish my write-ups not only in our nation but also to an international audience.




College: Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (Bhubaneswar)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Electronics and Tele-Communication Engineering)

With a stern believe that “blogs are the first ingredients of marketing & other scientific innovations, which leaves a shadow of summary in the consumer’s mind & engages them like a magnet”, I hold a passion for writing more than love. It keeps my mind calm and helps me express myself. It is an ecstatic feeling to get your blogs published on social media platforms.

Although I am an intern, StarWords India seems to a promising climber, which enables one to develop the required skills for the market waiting outside. Also, it serves as a platform where one can publish their blogs not just nationally but also internationally.



College: Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology (Kolkata)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Electrical Engineering)

According to me, writing is the best process to know ourselves. Just like the reader gets a clear perception of an author’s thoughts through his or her words, the author too comes to know himself (or herself) better through his or her creation.

The aim of StarWords India to keep up the spirit of writing in this busy world has inspired me to continue with my writing habits with a new zeal. I am very certain that I shall learn many things from the company which will definitely help me in future.



College: Sagar Institute of Research and Technology, Bhopal (Bhopal)

Course: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)

My written words convey my thoughts and feelings much better than my spoken ones. That is why I love to write.

StarWords is a great collaboration of writers expressing their thoughts on a number of topics. Reading them always is a learning experience and an inspiring one too.



College: Indian Institute of Information Technology, Pune (Pune)

Course: Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology)

I enjoy the challenge of writing innovative content. If I find something exciting, I ponder how would I communicate this moment with others in a way that will be logical and meaningful? I love sharing the message in the story.

I get to share my views, opinion on situations that are important to the people. With the huge content sensitive audience, you have a chance to get noticed through your words. Along the way, you get inspired to write more qualitative articles. StarWords India cares about the writing culture and helped me by creating a medium to express.



College: Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani (Pilani)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)

Writing is a way to express my emotions in a way which gives me happiness. I am able to explore much because it gives me the freedom to think in any way I want. This gives a sense of satisfaction to me for which I constantly look forward to.

StarWords India is a unique initiative where I can pen down my thoughts spontaneously at a national as well as international level. A network of unique writers with their creative outlook will help me learn a lot in this field with the help of StarWords.



College: Techno India University, Salt Lake (Kolkata)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering)

I’m 2 parts space enthusiast, 1 part truth-seeker, 1 part graphic designer, 3 parts tech-geek and 1 part realist. That adds up to 8 out of 10. Well, “2 parts writer” does satisfy my craving to connect all the above domains of my life.

The idea of freelance blogging appeals to me like no other, and the consequence that we will be constructively spending our leisure is highly praised. StarWords looks like the perfect platform to showcase my talents.



College: Manipal Institute of Technology (Manipal)

Course: Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering)

Writing shows me the world as I look at it. When I write, I can, if at least for a moment, jump out the eternal confusion that is my life, and see the things happening around me.

The chance to have my work published on an online platform without having to start a blog of my own was very attractive. StarWords India provided the perfect opportunity to do so. This, coupled with the community of passionate writers was inspiring.



College: Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies (Bangalore)

Course: Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Marketing, Economics)

I express myself better through writing, through words on paper. It helps me clear my mind of all the mess, makes me feel light and happy, it is my equivalent of meditation.

StarWords India is the perfect platform for upcoming writers. It is also a great platform to help reach your writings to a wider audience.



College: St. Joseph’s College [autonomous] (Bengaluru)

Course: Bachelor of Arts (English, Journalism, and Psychology)

Writing helps me get my mind off anything that’s worrying me and kind of takes me to a happy place, where I can say what I want and be who I want to be.

The very first point I remember when I read the description for star words was: “we are a group of freelance writers who haven’t sacrificed our love for writing,” that’s what struck me instantly. That is what inspired me because people usually forget about what a great thing it is to write or do anything that makes you happy actually. And I’d like to think that I’m not one of them and that I’d always continue to write.



College: KPB Hinduja College of Commerce (Mumbai)

Course: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounts and Finance)

Writing gives me the freedom to pen down my thoughts, which I cannot express vocally that great!

StarWords India has given me an opportunity in the field of creative head, when all this while, I had only been getting rejected or put up on a hold.


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