31st January 2018



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After a month’s hard work, we are finally revealing the first look at

“Melodies of Spring”. 


We have received an overwhelming response since the day with launched the poetry writing contest. Every writer has poured his or her heart out and made it quite difficult for us to choose the best submissions. Even though we wish we could get all of you published, we have to stick to the rules and select only the top poems. Thus, we declare the results as follows.




The top 10 poems are:

  1. Nature Will Knock – Rishi Raj
  2. The Dream World – Shreya Gupta
  3. Rumours – Jayashree Pillai
  4. On Human Emotions – Sitharaam Jayakumar
  5. Zero – Akshat Pandey
  6. The Night We Departed – Monoswita Biswas
  7. Abhisharika – Debadrita Bhaduri
  8. Death: An Alleviation – Arpita Singh
  9. Oft Do I Brood – Gloria Poulami Singh
  10. Lost – Vansheeka Chandra Verma


Our youngest participant, the 8-year-old Vachie Agrawal, also deserves special mention for her two poems, “Nose” and “Big Mouse“.


Apart from the top 10 poems, we are quite impressed with the overall submissions. Therefore, we have decided to publish some more poems so that the budding writers get a chance to become published authors. The selected poems in random order are:


  1. The Real Meaning of Life – Nishan Ranjan Ghosh
  2. Multitasker – Soumi Dutta
  3. The Ultimate Leveller – Sitharaam Jayakumar
  4. Spare a Thought for the Terminally Ill – Sitharaam Jayakumar
  5. A Poet’s Muse – Sitharaam Jayakumar
  6. Let the Human Bird Fly – Sitharaam Jayakumar
  7. A Deep Sigh – Deepak Sahu
  8. Come Back Soon – Deepak Sahu
  9. Meaning of Success – Deepak Sahu
  10. Hope – Shreya
  11. Challenges of Life – Priti Jha
  12. Fallen in Love? – Shreya Saha
  13. Lost – Shreya Saha
  14. To Father, With Love – Shreya Saha
  15. Voice of Nature – Moorthy A.
  16. Bitter Sweetness – Niharika Sah
  17. Pearl of that Shell – Tanuja Mehta
  18. Little Girl – Tanuja Mehta
  19. The Better Me – Tanuja Mehta
  20. Madly in Love till her Last Breath – Rounik Raj
  21. Finding the Futile – Rohan Jha
  22. Illusion – Ananya Ghosh
  23. Womb to Life (Journey Unjustified) – Ananya Walia
  24. The Funeral Pyre – Rishi Raj
  25. My Thoughts were Born Free – Pooja Dey
  26. Mom – Harpreet Kaur
  27. Life Unravelled – Aaina
  28. Between Us – Akashdeep Dhar
  29. Rise – Akashdeep Dhar
  30. Hope – Abhineel Muhuri
  31. Life: Rather Messed than Being Blessed – Arpita Singh
  32. What I Ought to be Doing – Arpita Singh
  33. My Eyes will Always Search for You – Neha Jain
  34. Whore – Vansheeka Chandra Verma
  35. Soulmate – Vansheeka Chandra Verma
  36. Love of Life – Upalparna Dey
  37. Awesome – Jyoti Yadav
  38. A Love that Arose – Abhiraj M Purandare
  39. Children with Diverse Needs – Gaganpreet Kaur
  40. Still… –  Sabarno Chowdhury
  41. His Time to Leave has Come – Rishi Raj
  42. Journey called Life – Rasna Kapoor
  43. What’s called Love – Shreyashi Sarkar
  44. Silence – Sabarno Chowdhury
  45. The Moon – Naveed Dumasia
  46. Soldier On – Rohan Jha
  47. The Sunflower – Nishan Ranjan Ghosh
  48. My World – Naman Wadhwa
  49. My Inquisitiveness on Love – Nishan Ranjan Ghosh
  50. Her Sob – Gloria Poulami Singh
  51. A Romantic Dream – Monoswita Biswas
  52. The Rains – Monoswita Biswas
  53. You Can Choose – Naveed Dumasia
  54. Nose – Vachie Agrawal
  55. Big Mouse – Vachie Agrawal

Congratulations, writers! You can call yourselves published authors henceforth.

As you already know, you will be required to pay INR 200 per poemFor 3 poems, the publishing fee would be INR 500. This is only a minor fee that we are charging to generate the ISBN and COPYRIGHT. This is NOT our profit. You will receive the remaining details via email.

The book has been titled “Melodies of Spring“. We hope to get both the e-book and the paperback published by March 2018. The awards and certificates will also be distributed by March 2018.

If your poem has not found a place in the list of top verses, do not be disheartened. We are confident that you will improve and compel us to select your write-up the next time.

If you have queries, kindly contact us at submissions.starwords@gmail.com. You can also call up on these numbers.

Shreya Dutta – Founder & Creative Head (+91-89023 65920)

Sushmita Mandal – Editorial Head (+91-84448 85317)

Rounak Bose – Designing Head (+91-99033 05936)




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