The Ultimate Leveller

6+ Users who have LIKED this post: – By Sitharaam Jayakumar I was riding in the valley of death Mounted on a shining black stallion; Trying to shake off my relentless pursuer Who was reaching out for me like a steel trap. Oh! He chases me relentlessly: Up steep hills and down deep valleys. He Read more about The Ultimate Leveller[…]

The Real Meaning of Life

27+ Users who have LIKED this post: – Nishan Ranjan Ghosh After a long exile from happiness, I’ve received the real meaning of life. Getting freedom from menaces on this dawn, In my relevance I’m writing a sonnet. It’s important to keep mind in endurance, For everything you have to retrieve. In all death and birth Read more about The Real Meaning of Life[…]

Oft do I brood

11+ Users who have LIKED this post: – By Gloria Poulami Singh Oft do I brood, I believe I should; As to who am I? I stare up at the broad sky; I refrain from engaging into fairy tales, And forever with my success soar and fly. In requirement of getting acquainted with my mission, I’d Read more about Oft do I brood[…]

Death: An Alleviation

30+ Users who have LIKED this post: -By Arpita Singh He slapped me for one last time; No sooner did the pain engulf me, than it evaded out. Darkness encompassed my senses, My body fell to the ground with a shudder; I could see the blood oozing out of my head, But not for long Read more about Death: An Alleviation[…]

It is Better to Feel Surprised than to Feel Disappointed

3+ Expectations,expectations & expectations! Keeping them high ruins everything. Yes, everything. The daughter didn’t speak to her parents for weeks just because they couldn’t get her favorite dress while coming back from some place, last night a friend of mine called me up explaining how she broke up, the reason being nothing but a minor Read more about It is Better to Feel Surprised than to Feel Disappointed[…]

A Life Lived Well

31+ Users who have LIKED this post: The biggest regrets of life are that it always ends with “I wish I had..”. While sitting on the rooftop in the dark nights, these sudden thoughts almost compelled me to write. All our lives we keep running behind success, jobs, money, higher positions and other tremendous sparks Read more about A Life Lived Well[…]

The Ordinary Change to Pursue the Extraordinary

14+ “Change is the only constant thing in nature.” Isn’t this the popular phrase that we are so much into using in order to decode the theory of a perfect life? Surely! Change is of primary importance. It is capable of taking innumerable forms in our lives. It might come as terrible tragedies, challenging choices, Read more about The Ordinary Change to Pursue the Extraordinary[…]

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